mercredi 26 septembre 2012

Speaking at Gold Coast Writers Festival!


Swell! I’m speaking at the Gold Coast Writers Festival at Robina Town Centre on 27 th October. 

Kathy Stewart, GCWF organizer, invited Karen Tyrrell to speak on an author panel, sharing how my school student and his parents abused and terrorized me, leading to my mental breakdown, and incarceration in a psyche hospital. Brisbane teacher who cared too much, ended up in psychiatric facility. Serves as a warning to all of us. Make a great movie! ” Spencer Howson: ABC Radio

Like Karen Tyrell, I’m revealing ALL on Truth or Dare: Memoir and Faction Panel

Karen'll be answering questions about ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.  TV celebrity of “Beauty and the Beast” fame, Jan Murray  will divulge secrets from her memoirs Goodbye Lullaby AND Sheer Madness: Sex, Lies and Politics and I will disclose enigmas from my book The Great Australian Novel. John Clark will be chair.

Truth or Dare: Memoir & Faction

Time: 3-3.45
Place: Robina Town Centre auditorium

Events on Saturday 27th October are FREE…

Events include: Writing for Children, The Thrill Of The Chase, Comedy Writing, Romance VS Erotica, The Novel Journalist, Become a Human Lie Detector, Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Check out the awesome line-up of Authors appearing at Saturday’s FREE events.    

Tim Ferguson, Krissy Kneen, Jennifer Bacia, Louise Cusack, Michael Jacobson, David Reiter, Meg Vann, Andy McDermott, Sandy Curtis, David Craig, Sally Collings, Rowena Cory Daniells, Pamela Rushby, Michelle Worthington, David Craig and my writing buddies Alison Reynolds, Angela Sunde, and Anita Bell.
Children’s author and friend, Dimity Powell will be signing her book PS: Who Stole Santa’s Mail?

Check out the FULL Gold Coast Writers Festival Program HERE

Check out  our bionotes on the festival WEBSITE. We’ll all be signing copies of our books at the Festival.

Please write these details in your diaries for 27th of October.

Don’t forget to book a seat via the Gold Coast Writers Festival website. SEE ABOVE
We would LOVE to see you there. Please share this FREE day of events with your friends.
Thanks for your AWESOME support :)

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