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Profile: Karen Tyrrell and her latest book

Karen Tyrrell is an Australian motivational public speaker, pro-active multi-genre author, mental health advocate, teacher, experienced Toastmaster, workshop presenter and accredited speaker with SANE Australia. Karen taught as a primary school teacher for over 20 years, specializing in Gifted and Talented classes. After parents at Karen’s school repeatedly harassed her to breaking point and beyond, she developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe bipolar disorder. She was hospitalized in 2005/6. She’s now recovered, sharing her passions for writing and mental health, reclaiming her life.
In 2010, Karen became the coordinator of Logan City Writers collective, now with over 120 members and organized Logan Writers Week festival. In 2011, she developed and presented the Life Writing program to mental health patients at a Brisbane hospital, contracted by Queensland Mental Health. Karen creates writing and mental health articles for South City Bulletin magazine.
Karen’s gutsy memoir, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness (2012) narrates her struggle and triumph over bipolar disorder. She’s proud to state that many people have labelled it "Brave and inspiring." ME & HER is listed as a VIP resource on Sean Costello’s Memorial fund Bipolar Research site.
Karen plans to publish her next round of books including a sequel to her memoir, ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery; a true crime novel, Sayonara; plus a children’s science fiction series and a picture books series.
In August 2012, Karen launched her free eBook, 30 Tools for Mental Wellness and her Resilience Training workshops in the corporate world.  Her self-penned recovery life story appears globally in magazines, on guest blogs and live radio. Karen shares her guide to recovery, tips for mental wellness and resilience skills, both locally and with the global community.
Karen can be contacted through her website: You can buy Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness from Amazon as an eBook or in print here: And you can also download her FREE eBook Healthy Mind, Happy Day here:

"Brisbane teacher who cared too much - ended up in psychiatric facility. Serves as a warning to all of us. Make a great movie! Very well edited book." Spencer Howson: ABC 612 Radio
 ‘Karen’s story of courage and inspiration. Traveling through the story with Karen and her family has allowed me to understand the impact of mental illness and what the joy of recovery really means.’
Richard Nelson, CEO of Queensland Alliance of Mental Health
#21 *5 STAR* Reviews on Amazon.

#38 Reviews on Goodreads, mostly *5 STAR*

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