jeudi 30 août 2012

"Time to read" by Austlit

Where will you be around 7pm on Saturday, 25 August? If you're a parent with young children, you might be reading a bedtime story. If you are, then you will be participating in a national initiative - The Reading Hour - part of the National Year of Reading.
The Reading Hour is a call to action to encourage parents to read to their kids for at least 10 minutes a day - which adds up to about an hour a week. The goal is to help families 'discover and rediscover the magic of books together'.
Why is reading to kids so important?
'We know it’s not always possible for parents to share a book at bedtime with their children, but if you can manage 10 minutes most nights, your child will have the best chance of becoming a good reader, with all the social and educational benefits that brings. Most of our brain development happens between birth and three years of age.'
Stuck for something to read? Sample chapters from the shortlisted children's books in this year's Prime Minister's Literary Awards have been made available here. See The Reading Hour page for linked events, and see other NYOR events here.

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