mercredi 15 août 2012

Public Seminar on "Australia's World Literature"

Professor Patrick Buckridge

In a largely-unremembered book, World Literature and Its Place in General Culture (1911), Richard Moulton describes a “perspectival” model according to which, by analogy with a geographical landscape, works of literature could be apprehended in a variety of proportions and configurations, as determined by the observer’s position in history and the world. Literature could then be studied—not just in national, social and political terms—but in terms of the unity of World Literature as perceived from that particular perspective.
Patrick Buckridge, Professor of Literary Studies at Griffith University, will use Moulton’s perspectival model to better-understand the ways in which Australian readers in the interwar period struggled to constitute and articulate an intelligible relationship to the rest of the world through the reading of literature. This was, in effect, an extended mapping exercise in which certain other national literatures were used as key co-ordinates to enable Australians to project, define and debate their values, relationships and responsibilities as a nation in the midst of a confusing, changing and increasingly dangerous-looking international situation.

Thursday 16 August
5pm – 6pm

Room W710
Menzies Building
Clayton Campus

School of English, Communications and Performance Studies
Clayton campus, Wellington road, Clayton
Ph:+61 3 9905 2140

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