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APPEL A CONTRIBUTIONS: une soirée caritative au profit de L'APEHNC

Merci de diffuser sans modération ce message autour de vous et sur tous types de supports (réseaux sociaux, blogs, sites Internet, etc.)

Bonjour à tous,

Ma première fiction qui sortira le 20 septembre en Métropole chez Les 2 Encres a pour but, au-delà du divertissement que propose cette lecture, de sensibiliser les lecteurs à l'exclusion et aux handicaps. Voici l'épigraphe que j'ai composée pour cette fiction:

A tous les exclus de nos sociétés,
ceux qui rêvent d’un beau geste d’humanité.

L’Association des Parents d’Enfants Handicapés de Nouvelle-Calédonie, avec qui je travaille en bonne intelligence et qui a parfaitement saisi le sens de ma fable humaniste, me soutient.

C’est la raison pour laquelle j’organise en collaboration avec Romane Z une soirée caritative au profit de L'APEHNC afin de couvrir des besoins très ciblés.

Des artistes comme Patrick Dancel, Thierry Mangin, Aline Mori, Adjé, François Uzan, Laurence Lagabrielle, Fabrice Bellay feront généreusement don d'une œuvre..

Cette soirée sera très largement médiatisée avec, nous espérons, la participation de nombreux artistes musiciens, chanteurs, etc. (Vanuella Watt, etc ..)

Aussi, chers artistes plasticiens, nous nous permettons de vous associer à cette soirée au grand cœur en nous proposant une œuvre à vendre dont tout le bénéfice, ou une partie de celui-ci, sera reversé au profit de l'APEHNC.

Si vous êtes partant, prière d'écrire sans plus tarder à Romane en fournissant une photo de l’œuvre, une estimation pour la vente, 50 à 70 mots sur l'identité de l’œuvre et une brève biographie en 40 mots.

Chers musiciens et chanteurs, si vous souhaitez proposer une prestation gracieuse (musique, chant, etc) pour animer cet événement, vous contribuerez vous aussi à faire de cette soirée une réussite.

Si vous êtes partant, prière d'écrire sans plus tarder à Romane en fournissant votre proposition de répertoire, en estimant votre temps de passage et une brève biographie en 50 mots.

Gageons que nous réussirons à sensibiliser un large public au à l’exclusion et au handicap.

En vous remerciant de votre attention.
Meilleurs sentiments,

Jean-François Vernay 926670

jeudi 30 août 2012

"Time to read" by Austlit

Where will you be around 7pm on Saturday, 25 August? If you're a parent with young children, you might be reading a bedtime story. If you are, then you will be participating in a national initiative - The Reading Hour - part of the National Year of Reading.
The Reading Hour is a call to action to encourage parents to read to their kids for at least 10 minutes a day - which adds up to about an hour a week. The goal is to help families 'discover and rediscover the magic of books together'.
Why is reading to kids so important?
'We know it’s not always possible for parents to share a book at bedtime with their children, but if you can manage 10 minutes most nights, your child will have the best chance of becoming a good reader, with all the social and educational benefits that brings. Most of our brain development happens between birth and three years of age.'
Stuck for something to read? Sample chapters from the shortlisted children's books in this year's Prime Minister's Literary Awards have been made available here. See The Reading Hour page for linked events, and see other NYOR events here.

Exhibition: Steve Rosendale: The Material Gaze


Please join us for Afternoon drinks with the Artist
Saturday 8 September,  3 - 5pm
PH 03 9509 8292

Brett Lethbridge - 'The Art of Others' - New work

lundi 27 août 2012

Soirée caritative au profit de l'APEHNC

Bonjour à tous,

Ma première fiction, acceptée en Métropole par Les 2 Encres, paraîtra le 20 septembre. Voici l'épigraphe que j'ai composée pour cette fiction:

A tous les exclus de nos sociétés,
ceux qui rêvent d’un beau geste d’humanité.


J’organise une soirée caritative au profit de L’Association des Parents d’Enfants Handicapés de Nouvelle-Calédonie, avec qui je travaille en bonne intelligence, afin de couvrir des besoins très ciblés.

Des artistes comme Thierry Mangin, Aline Mori, Adjé, François Uzan, Laurence Lagabrielle, Fabrice Bellay se sont engagé à faire généreusement don d'une œuvre...

Nous espérons la participation de nombreux artistes musiciens, chanteurs, etc. et nous comptons sur votre collaboration. 
Aussi, si vous êtes mécènes ou artistes, n'hésitez pas à vous associer à cette soirée au grand cœur en nous proposant un don en nature ou en espèces afin de faire de cette soirée une réussite en sensibilisant un large public à l’exclusion et au handicap.

Vous pouvez me joindre via Linked In ou Facebook pour proposer votre participation.
En vous remerciant de votre attention.

Meilleurs sentiments,

Jean-François Vernay

Fringe Writers Festival

To be held Sunday 23 September at the Harold Park Hotel in Glebe, Sydney
Here are our festival guests...

ANDY PALMER has worked in Australian book publishing for over 25 years at Pan Macmillan, HarperCollins Publishers, Simon & Schuster Australia and Hachette Australia. For eight years he ran Publicity Matters, a Sydney-based PR agency specialising in books and writers. In that time he was the Sydney Writers' Festival publicist for two years and federal government's Books Alive (now Get Reading) campaign publicist for seven years.

KIM POWELL is a writer and an award-winning blogger. Her blog, “The News with Nipples”, won the best commentary category in the 2011 Best Australian Blogs competition. She writes about the way the mainstream media treats women, and about news quality, feminism, politics, the embarrassing things she does, and the shitty bits that no one tells you about when you do a doctorate. Oh yeah, she’s doing a doctorate on the way that young people experience the news. It seemed the obvious thing to do after 10 years as a journalist, working in news and magazines. She blogs at and tweets as @newswithnipples.

The Group Editor of Alternative Media Group (AMG), MARCUS BRAID manages four newspapers: City News, Bondi View, City Hub and Inner West Independent. In a media market place saturated by Fairfax and News Limited owned outlets, Marcus works to ensure AMG provides a legitimate and engaging alternative source of news. He manages a team of approximately 30 freelance journalists, in addition to overseeing the actions of four Editors of AMG’s publications. Marcus completed a Masters degree in Journalism at the University of Technology in July this year. A passionate advocate of print media, Marcus hopes to encourage burgeoning journalists not to let the digital age sway them away from the newspaper medium.

TOBY “JANE” MCCASKER is a journalist, studio-level musician and sound engineer from Melbourne. He has written extensively for Blunt, Fangoria, ninemsn, Inpress, Rave, The Brag, triple j magazine, IGN, Official PlayStation Magazine, Hyper,, Penthouse, and Corker. He was Beat’s Metalocalypse columnist for five years until the publisher decided he used too many big words. He is the managing editor of Hysteria magazine, which is billed as the “Universe's bestest alternative rawk mag”, and he also moonlights as AskMen’s entertainment editor. He’s done some corporate copywriting but it made him want to kill himself. Right now, he’s in the middle of writing his first novella for May December Publications as part of a four-way collab with some really cool American writers. He is owned by a fat Bengal cat called “Sirius”.

ANNA VALDINGER is Commissioning Editor – Commercial Fiction at HarperCollins Sydney. She started her publishing career as in-house editor for Gregory & Company Authors’ Agents in London before moving to Pan Macmillan. She has worked across a number of genres such as women’s fiction, crime and thrillers, and literary fiction. Authors she has worked with include Kate Morton, Colleen McCullough, Minette Walters, Malla Nunn, Belinda Alexandra, Nikki Gemmell and Tara Moss. She moved to Australia in 2008 and worked at Pan Macmillan in Sydney before joining HarperCollins in October 2009 to take responsibility for developing the local commercial fiction list.

ANTHONY BLAIR is a director of Camerons Management/The Cameron Creswell Agency, where he's been an agent representing writers, directors and designers in theatre, film, television and book publishing for the last ten years. He holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature, Masters of Arts (Theatre and Film), an A.Mus.A in piano and a chunk of a law degree. Before becoming an agent, Anthony directed plays in the fringe in London, assessed plays and film scripts for various organisations and taught English and drama in schools and piano privately.

JULIE DITRICH is a director of Black Mermaid Productions, a comics team working in the fantasy genre with a focus on mermaid stories. Julie has contributed to the Oblagon comics anthology for Kaleidoscope (Australia), and as a writer on ElfQuest: WaveDancers for Warp Graphics (USA) and the Dart miniseries for Image Comics (USA), which resulted in sales of 270,000 comics all over the world. Her new comic book series, Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed with artist Jozef Szekeres, will be launched later in 2012.
Blog: www.blackmermaid
Website: (to be relaunched in Sept/Oct 2012) and (to be launched in Aug/Sep 2012)

JACOB COATES is the founder of Jaffa Books, a new e-publishing company based in Brisbane. Jacob graduated from QUT’s creative writing degree in 2010 and Jaffa Books was conceived shortly afterwards, and successfully launched in 2011. As a publisher, Jacob is always looking for exciting new talents, and accepts a wide range of fiction across any genre and almost any length. Offering an attractive royalty deal for writers, Jaffa Books is well suited to first-time or upcoming authors.

IA UARO is a former teenage writer, petroleum seismologist and translator. At 17, Ia’s first fiction was published as a serial by a boys’ teen magazine in Indonesia. Inundated by her fans’ letters, Ia agreed when a publisher approached her to produce it as a book. Subsequently, the Indonesian department of education bought it for all school libraries. Ia used the proceeds to fund her studies at the Bandung Institute of Technology, during which time she studied petroleum seismology. After her graduation Ia worked with French, Norwegian and American geophysical companies. In late September Ia will release her first novel in English, Sydney’s Song, a coming-of-age story and a vivid portrayal of the people of Sydney. Facebook, Twitter, And United Friends Of Ia.

IRINA DUNN is the Director of the Australian Writers' Network, which has 8,000 subscribers throughout Australia and abroad. Previously she was Director of the NSW Writers' Centre for 15 years, as well as Manager of the Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society and Managing Editor at Booktopia. Irina wrote The Writer’s Guide: a companion to writing for pleasure or publication (Allen & Unwin), and the book she co-authored with two scientists, A Natural Legacy: Ecology in Australia, won the Royal Australian Zoological Society Prize for best text on the subject. Irina received an international prize for her documentary about the Australian women's peace movement, "Fighting for Peace". She represented NSW as an Independent Senator from 1988 to 1990. Irina was born in Shanghai, China, and is of Russian, Irish, Portuguese and Chinese background.


"With this line-up of
experienced industry insiders,
the day promises to provide
aspiring book writers
and journalists with all the
information they need to
further their professional
careers and interests."
novelist, editor, publisher,
author of The Prisoner of
Mt Warning and
Wild Bleak Bohemia.
To be held in the gorgeously
renovated HAROLD PARK
HOTEL in GLEBE (pictured
above), which has hosted
many literary events in past
years, the FIRST FRINGE
boasts a terrific line-up of
talented industry insiders
and trend-setters.
9AM-10.15AM: THE
ANDY PALMER, Allen & Unwin's publicity director, will talk about the difference between traditional media and life in the new digital age, and will provide tips on how authors can market themselves online.
10.15am-10.30am Morning tea
10.30AM-11.45AM: THE
Three journos talk about their profession of news gathering in the modern age and the opportunities for getting into the business of journalism.
The panellists are KIM POWELL, who writes “The News with Nipples”, an award-winning blog, MARCUS BRAID, who is News Editor for the Alternative Media Group, and Managing Editor of Hysteria magazine TOBY “JANE” MCCASKER.
11.45AM-1.00PM: WHAT
With years of experience between them, these two industry pros — ANNA VALDINGER, Commissioning Editor – Commercial Fiction at HarperCollins Sydney, and ANTHONY BLAIR, a director of Camerons Management/The Cameron Creswell Agency — can spot a good work of fiction or great theatre or film script at fifty paces.
Hear what kinds of novels publishers are looking for in the highly competitive Australian fiction marketplace, and what kinds of scripts make it to stage and screen.
1.00pm-2.00pm: Lunch (a varied menu is available downstairs at the Harold Park Hotel)
2.00PM-3.15PM: COMICS
Australia is entering a new dawn of comics and graphic novel publishing.
The quality of storytelling and production values of late has been superb.
However, the “comics” medium is still misunderstood in the literary world where it is relegated to the fringes rather than the mainstream and recognised more as pop culture than high culture.
This session will initiate you into the world of comics, and will examine definitions, formats, building blocks and conventions, as well as current Oz comics trends and opportunities.
If you want to be part of the new wave of comics talent, then there is no better place to begin than here as JULIE DITRICH 
takes you through the paces of this exciting genre.
3.15pm-3.30pm: Afternoon tea
How do e-book publishers sell their titles?
How do young and emerging writers of e-books find their readers?
How can writers promote their work in this new digital environment?
Get the lowdown from e-book publisher JACOB COATES (Jaffa Books) and writer IA UARO, who will share her experience of building and maintaining online followers and gaining optimum exposure.
4.45pm-5pm: Networking and drinks
The sessions will be chaired by 2012 Fringe Festival Director IRINA DUNN.
Full price $125.50,
Concession $110.50 (students, pensioners, unwaged)
1. Tickets available by phoning
(02) 9020 6980 or at
2. Pay via Paypal
3. Or, if you prefer, you can
send a cheque made out to
GAMA, PO Box 136
Balmain NSW 2041
Irina Dunn
or mobile 0403 48 63 63.

Conférence: "Le Sauvage Blanc, un Goncourt pour le Pacifique"

La bibliothèque Bernheim serait honorée de votre présence lors de la conférence
"Le Sauvage Blanc, un Goncourt pour le Pacifique"
Présentée par M. François Garde,
Lauréat du Prix Goncourt du premier roman 2012
Le jeudi 30 août 2012 à 18 h
(Salle de lecture adulte)

Ce qu'il advint du sauvage blanc, de François Garde, prix Goncourt du premier roman

Par , publié le

Le roman de François Garde allie considérations théoriques sur le langage et sens de l'aventure. L'Académie Goncourt a apprécié, de même que nos critiques
Ce qu'il advint du sauvage blanc, de François Garde, vient de recevoir le prix Goncourt du premier roman. Lire avait trouvé ce livre formidable et L'Express donné trois raisons de le lire. Ce prix en fait une cinquième.
Ce qu'il advint du sauvage blanc romance l'histoire vraie du jeune matelot Narcisse Pelletier, abandonné en 1844 sur une plage australienne par son navire. Recueilli par des aborigènes, il ne retrouvera sa civilisation que 17 ans plus tard, nu, tatoué, et franchement désorienté.
François Garde a été administrateur supérieur des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises avant de se convertir à l'écriture. Une expérience des rivages isolés qui l'a probablement inspiré...

The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival August 2012 : The 2012 UWRF 2012 Program Revealed

header title
We're very excited to finally reveal the 2012 Ubud
Writers & Readers Festival program to you.
Once again the festival fills Neka Museum with its mega set piece events, including the central session honouring the work and legacy of the great Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Literary conversations will play out in the beautiful setting of Indus and the intimate Left Bank Lounge.
Our program team have been working hard to develop the most exciting and diverse program to date. This year UWRF welcomes Nick Cave, Anna Funder, Jose Ramos- Horta, John Pilger, Richard Glover, Krys Lee, Jeffrey Eugenides, Kjersti Skomsvold, Kader Abdolah and Alice Pung to name but a few. From across the Indonesian archipelago the program showcases Riri Riza, Happy Salma, Mira Lesmana, Todung Mulya Lubis, Rio Helmi, Ketut Yuliarsa, Butet Manutung and Iswadi Pratama.
This year's festival features a raft of special events including:
Look Who's Coming to Lunch
Join Jose Ramos- Horta opens his heart and mind to the warm and witty Shamini Flint in tranquil and magical setting of Alia.
The Staff of Life
Relish the freshest, most thoughtfully presented and creatively inspired fusion food in Ubud as Como Shambhala's Executive Chef Amanda Gale, Myanmar's Ma Thanegi, Indonesia's Bondan Winarno and the US's Donald George discuss the growing, the sharing and the meaning of food with Janet Steele.
At Home with the Festival
Join Festival Founder and Director Janet DeNeefe at her iconic restaurant and relish the superb Indonesian fare for which she is famed. An abundance of food and fable, liberally studded with spice from Abeer Soliman, Bondan Winarno and Marcela Romero, flavoured with music from the island of the gods.
  joged bumbung dance The UWRF Street Party returns this year as Jalan Gotama closes to traffic and opens up to play - hosting a night of decadent fun with writers, poets, musicians and dancers. Featuring Komseni's musical orchestra, Joged Bumbung dance, bands and street poets at Bar Luna. We're proud to introduce a new addition to this year's festival: a venue where writers and audience can wind down overlooking the gorgeous Tjampuhan Ridge. The Art & Food Market (next to Left Bank Lounge) features the 'Rumah Baca/Reading Room' with a program of special readings throughout the festival, and a showcase of Endek cloth, batik, painting, sculpture and jewelry from the local Ubud artisans. Full program details and ticketing will be revealed at the end of August.
Stories in Cloth: A tour of Bali's Textile Traditions at the Alila Manggis
The Threads of Life tour offers five days in the countryside and on the coast of east Bali after UWRF. Steep yourself in the island's rich traditions, receive insightful introductions to the local culture and visit several weavers' cooperatives.
Contact Jean at
Sign up soon as space is limited.
Fringe events have become a permanent fixture of the festival. Held at schools, universities and art communities in Denpasar, the free of charge events initially aimed at expanding the Festival's reach into local young authors and readers, who couldn't attend the Festival's programs in Ubud. Over the years, the fringe events have grown into an initiative that strengthens the Festival's relationship with the local literary communities and educational institutions.
This year the Festival will organize Fringe events at Udayana University, Danes Art Veranda, an alternative art space in Tanjungbungkak, Bentara Budaya, an art space funded and managed by the prestigious Kompas daily, and at DOK-Warung Tresni, an art hub in Renon that frequented by the island's creative artists.
The events will feature panel discussions, readings and performances. In Danes Art Veranda, authors Olyrinson, Indah Darmastuti and Muhary Wahyu Nurba will discuss their creative process and the very reasons that made them fall in love with literature in the first place while in
Bentara Budaya, Bandung Mawardi, Guntur Alam,
Benazir Nafilah and Mugya Syahreza will reveal their personal muses as well as whether they believe that their works have indeed made a difference to the world around
them. Amanche Franck, Ayi Jufridar, Aprilia Wayar,
Sunlie Alexander and Ayu Ratna Budhiarti will disclose the role of opposing sentiments have in their creative process and which that moves them the most, joy or pain, happiness or suffering. Iswadi Pratama, the brain and engine behind the captivating emergence of Lampung's Teater Satu, will share his knowledge and experience with Bali's young and promising dramatists in a workshop held at Bentara Budaya.

jeudi 16 août 2012

Parution imminente: Un doux petit rêveur, Jean-François Vernay

 Chers amis lecteurs,

La couverture de mon récit, Un doux petit rêveur, est achevée...Je vous la révèle donc en exclusivité ! L'illustration est du photographe Patrick Dancel que je remercie chaleureusement pour sa gracieuse permission de reproduire l'image pour laquelle j'ai eu un coup de cœur. Je relis en ce moment les épreuves ...Et je peux vous assurer qu’il y a un travail d'édition très compétent chez Les 2 encres. Je confirme cela sur la base d'une mise en page et d'une relecture très professionnelles!
L’infographiste de la maison d’édition vient de me faire parvenir le montage de l'intérieur de mon livre qui, selon elle, « est tout en finesse et en poésie, et en multiple lecture... On se laisse tout à fait porter par l'imaginaire de ce petit bonhomme, venant de cet enfermement et de cette solitude si bien ressentis. Espérons qu'il arrivera à toucher un large public»
C’est également mon souhait. Mon livre est désormais en précommande ici : 

Pour tous ceux qui habitent la Métropole, vous pouvez donc le commander avec une offre spéciale. 

Savoir plus sur Patrick Dancel:

Exhibition: Kylie Elkington

Kylie Elkington

Bundanon Paintings & Other Recent Works

18th August - 7th September
Bridget McDonnell and Caroline Chesterfield

invite you to meet the artist and preview this exhibition

Saturday 18 August 2012  10am - 3pmchampagne and cheese will be served

Kylie Elkington's latest exhibition includes paintings
from a recent residency at Bundanon, the Boyd property on the Shoalhaven River 
bequeathed to the nation in 1993
Elkington’s immediate love of the Bundanon landscape and ongoing passion
for depicting isolated regions of Australia is very much in evidence here. 
The patient and rhythmic shifts of the moods and colours of various locations,
featuring the monastic and timeless grace of waterfalls, mountains and other natural phenomena
all find their equivalence in carefully composed paintings

hours:  Tues - Fri  10 - 5pm  •  Sat 10 - 3pm

Bridget McDonnell Gallery • Hampton
392 Hampton St, Hampton Vic  3188 • 9598 •

Crime notified by Austlit

August 2012 sees the release of the latest Michael Robotham crime thriller — Say You’re Sorry. The novel is the fifth featuring clinical psychologist Joe O’Loughlin and also re-introduces retired police officer Vincent Ruiz.
You can hear Robotham introduce his new book on YouTube, or listen to him in person over coming weeks at venues across New South Wales, and in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Follow the links on Robotham’s website for details.
Another well known crime fiction character, criminal lawyer Jack Irish, will soon be appearing on ABC Television. Peter Temple’s Bad Debts has been adapted for the small screen and had its premiere screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival on 3 August. The Bad Debts telemovie, starring Guy Pearce as Jack Irish, is scheduled for broadcast on ABC1 during August 2012. It has also been released on DVD.
A further adaptation to be shown on ABC1 later year will be Fergus Hume’s The Mystery of the Hansom Cab. The 1886 novel was first adapted for the screen — as a silent movie — in 1911, and has also undergone several stage productions.
AustLit records nearly 30 crime novels and films released to date in 2012. Other titles include: Kathryn Fox’s Cold Grave and Yvette Erskine’s The Betrayal; the television series Underbelly: Badness; and the film adaptation Conspiracy 365, derived from Gabrielle Lord’s children’s series.

Introducing John Morris - sculptor at Lethbridge Gallery


1.  Visiting Professor in Australian Studies 2013-2014
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, The University of Tokyo

The Visiting Professorship in Australian Studies was created in 1999 by the Centre for Pacific and American Studies, The University of Tokyo, to promote a deeper understanding of Australia and its regional engagement. The position is supported by the Australia–Japan Foundation.

Applications are invited from highly qualified Australians with a significant academic or public achievement in the fields of Australian studies, history, cultural studies, politics, literary studies, international relations and other relevant areas across the humanities and social sciences.  The Visiting Professor in Australian Studies is required to teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; to present conference papers; to conduct research; and to participate in promoting Australian Studies within Japan.

The appointment is for a period of 10 months and will commence no later than 1 October 2013.  The Visiting Professor is expected to spend most of the period in Tokyo engaged in research and, during semester, in teaching.  All teaching is conducted in English.  An attractive salary package is available.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 14 September 2012.  A full position description and application procedures are available at and

For any further information contact Professor Kate Darian-Smith (email:

2.  JASAL book review
JASAL is seeking a reviewer for Michael Sharkey's Apollo in George Street: The Life of David McKee Wright.  If you are interested, please contact Jay Daniel Thompson at

3.  Shirley Hazzard Symposium
Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University, New York
8 September 2012

Brigitta Olubas, School of the Arts and Media, University of New South Wales
Nicholas Birns, Eugene Lang College, The New School, NY

Keynote Speakers:
Gail Jones, University of Western Sydney
John Frow, University of Melbourne

Claire Bowen, Dickinson College
Nicholas Birns, Eugene Lang College, The New School
Robert Dixon, University of Sydney
Michael Gorra, Smith College
Elizabeth McMahon, University of New South Wales
Edward Mendelson, Columbia University
Fiona Morrison, University of New South Wales
Sharon Ouditt, Nottingham Trent University
Brigid Rooney, University of Sydney
Martin Stannard, University of Leicester

The symposium, supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant, will see the first ever scholarly conversation focused on the work of Shirley Hazzard, featuring distinguished scholars from Australia, the US and the UK. Hazzard’s writing will be considered in many different contexts, including for instance its literary and narrative ethics, its articulation of literal place in the changing geographies of modernity, her distinctive stylistics of citation and aphorism, her political writing on the United Nations, and her relation to a range of literary fields – Twentieth Century Literature, Australian Literature, Women’s Writing.

Paper titles and abstracts will be posted in August.

Registration details will be posted in August. For further information please contact

The symposium will commence with a public writers’ panel co-hosted by the New York Society Library.

4.  Writers Panel: The Literary Significance of Shirley Hazzard
The New York Society Library
7 September 2012

The literary significance of Shirley Hazzard’s life and work will be discussed and celebrated by a panel of distinguished authors – novelist and critic Gail Jones; biographer Martin Stannard; poet and critic Jay Parini – and chaired by poet and editor Jonathan Galassi.

Shirley Hazzard is one of Australia’s most significant expatriate authors, and a major international literary figure by any measure.  Her work has been extravagantly praised by writers and reviewers, such as Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Ford: ‘If there has to be one best writer working in English today it’s Shirley Hazzard.’  Similarly, novelist Michael Cunningham: ‘One of the greatest writers working in English today, and London Times critic Brian Appleyard ‘For me, the greatest living writer on goodness and love’.

Shirley Hazzard has lived in New York and Capri since 1951.  Internationally, she is one of the great writers of movement, passage, transposition and transit.  Her novels trace the fate of a series of young expatriate female protagonists in the geographical and emotional vistas opening up after World War II, but before the social upheavals of feminism.  They take her readers into moral territory that is at once utterly sure and breached at every turn, with the certainties of romance forms tested by human vulnerability and the often brutal social and political canvas of modern life.

She has published four novels: The Evening of the Holiday (1966), The Bay of Noon (1970), The Transit of Venus (1980) and The Great Fire (2003); two collections of stories: Cliffs of Fall and Other Stories (1963) and People in Glass Houses (1967); two monographs on the United Nations: Defeat of An Ideal: A Study of the Self-Destruction of the United Nations (1973) and Countenance of Truth: The United Nations and the Waldheim Case (1990); a memoir of her friend Graham Greene: Greene on Capri: A Memoir (2000); and, most recently, a collection of her own and her late husband Francis Steegmuller’s occasional writings on Naples: The Ancient Shore: Dispatches From Naples (2008).  She has received major literary awards including the 2003 US National Book Award, the 2004 Miles Franklin Award, the 2005 William Dean Howells Medal for best American novel, the 1981 US National Book Critics Circle Fiction Award, the 1977 O. Henry Short Story Award; and has been shortlisted for the Orange Prize and the (‘Lost’) Man Booker prize.  She is a Fellow of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

mercredi 15 août 2012

Public Seminar on "Australia's World Literature"

Professor Patrick Buckridge

In a largely-unremembered book, World Literature and Its Place in General Culture (1911), Richard Moulton describes a “perspectival” model according to which, by analogy with a geographical landscape, works of literature could be apprehended in a variety of proportions and configurations, as determined by the observer’s position in history and the world. Literature could then be studied—not just in national, social and political terms—but in terms of the unity of World Literature as perceived from that particular perspective.
Patrick Buckridge, Professor of Literary Studies at Griffith University, will use Moulton’s perspectival model to better-understand the ways in which Australian readers in the interwar period struggled to constitute and articulate an intelligible relationship to the rest of the world through the reading of literature. This was, in effect, an extended mapping exercise in which certain other national literatures were used as key co-ordinates to enable Australians to project, define and debate their values, relationships and responsibilities as a nation in the midst of a confusing, changing and increasingly dangerous-looking international situation.

Thursday 16 August
5pm – 6pm

Room W710
Menzies Building
Clayton Campus

School of English, Communications and Performance Studies
Clayton campus, Wellington road, Clayton
Ph:+61 3 9905 2140

mardi 14 août 2012

Call for Papers: After Colonial Governmentality: Cultural Memory and (Post)Colonial Community

Comparative work in postcolonial studies often turns on the mode by which subaltern peoples were governed in the high colonial past. Framed in this way, ground for comparison has tended to concern the way the colonized suffered governmental classification, subjection, and regulation by the colonial state. David Scott’s seminal essay on this topic, grounded in colonial Ceylon, opened the way to much investigation. Similarly, Ann Laura Stoler’s work has incisively examined the relation between apparatuses of colonial governmentality in the former Dutch East Indies and French Indochina. There is much to be gained from this approach and, as the work of scholars like Patrick Wolfe and Geoffrey Grey has shown, analysis of colonial governmentality reveals how epistemologies of anthropology and colonial administration moved across colonial spaces. This collection aims to connect such analysis with the present, exploring the way revenants (in Derrida’s sense, particularly in Spectres of Marx) of such governmentality return and remain in apparently (post)colonial times. How, for instance, do projects of national reconciliation account for, critique, and (at times) cover over the colonial traumas they seek to memorialize? How do postcolonies produce public spheres that challenge the memory of such colonial trauma? What are the lacunas and blindspots? How do postcolonial literatures challenge existing models of cultural memory? How are such challenges similarly refracted in festivals, public events, and other such performances? While the collection seeks to account for the historic legacy of colonial governmentality, it is the legacy that the collection most emphasizes---the mode of memorialization that persist at the end of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first; nonetheless, historical analyses of particular paradigms of colonial governmentality will be considered. Several publishers have expressed interest in the collection and, with your contribution, the project promises to be a strong contribution to the field.
Example topics that essays in the collection might explore include:
---postcolonial societies and cultural memory
---cultural memory within diasporic movements
---the governmentality of affect
---The relation between neoliberalism and postcoloniality
---the postcolony and necropolitics
---anticolonial and decolonizing movements and collective memory
---the mediation of cultural memory
---the politics of reconciliation
---indigenous responses to national projects of cultural memory
---literature and the public sphere in the postcolony
---film and the public sphere in the postcolony

The collection encourages comparative work, but could also include studies engaged in sustained analysis of single colonial and postcolonial sites and spaces. Similarly, literary, ethnographic, historical, and cultural analysis are all within the purview of the collection. Essays are to be between 6500 and 8500 words in length.


Please submit 500 word abstracts (including proposed essay title) and curriculum vitae to Michael R. Griffiths ( by September 15, 2012.
If full essays are completed and available, these may be sent along with the 500 word abstract.

jeudi 9 août 2012



Cooking is in JEAN-MICHEL GERST’s blood — his grandfather and mother were both chefs. He started his apprenticeship at the age of 15 before travelling to Switzerland, the Channel Islands and Thailand, finally arriving at London where he worked for Anton Mossiman at The Terrace Restaurant.
Shortly afterwards, he relocated to Australia, where he worked at the Brisbane Hilton, responsible for their fine dining establishment, Victoria’s. In 2000, he moved to Thredbo, where he has been Executive Chef at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel for the past 10 years. Since then, Cascades Restaurant has won several awards including best Brasserie/Cafe in NSW.
Jean-Michel’s new book Latitude 36.50 is inspired by tradition. He shares recipes to warm your belly and stir your memories. Delectable offerings include Venison Goulash, Pan-fried Flank Steak, Potato and Truffle Chausson with Shallots Sauce, Lamb Shanks in Orange Juice and Star Anise and many more.


Sydney food writer LOUKIE WERLE has also collected a host of awards and has been running cooking classes in her home kitchen for fourteen years. Her new book, Pasta Rustica, takes full advantage of the availability of once unusual ingredients.
Pasta has always been a great standby but a lot has changed in recent years. In some ways Loukie's book looks backwards to the Italian tradition and the old ways of cooking where produce is seasonal, inexpensive and at its best. This is the secret of how Italian cooks found so many interesting ways to use the same ingredient over and over again, without it ever becoming boring.

Celebrated French chef Jean-Michel Gerst and award-winning food writer and cook Loukie Werle delight in mixing the traditional with the contemporary.
Audiences will learn a tip or two about the simple joy of cooking good pasta with Loukie and the secrets of the Thredbo Alpine Hotel’s Executive Chef.
Don’t miss this fun and informative discussion on French and Italian food.
Tickets are just $20, including a glass of wine on arrival.
Both authors will be signing copies of their books after the talk.

Booking Details: Call Woollahra Library on 9391 7100 or email:
When: Thursday 23 August, 6pm for 6.30pm start
Where: Woollahra Council Chambers, 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay
Tickets: $20 (includes a glass of wine). Pay at the door; $10 for Woollahra Library Friends members.
Note: Reserved tickets not collected by 6pm will be released for general sale.
The event will be chaired by Irina Dunn for Woollahra Library. Irina was the owner of L'Ironique, Balmain's first French restaurant.