mardi 24 juillet 2012

Exhibition: Barry Dickins at The Bridget McDonnell Gallery

Barry Dickins: All The Street Has Its Secrets

25th July - 11th August 2012

“On his best days Barry is wildly funny. On his most miserable he is often just as funny. 
His psyche bruises easily but he turns the bruises into stories
which gush out of him like an open fire hydrant."   
Max Gillies 2012 

You are invited to preview this exhibition 
Tuesday 24th July,  6 - 8pm
To be opened by Max Gillies at 6.30pm
hours:  Tues - Fri  10 - 5pm  •  Sat 10 - 3pm

Bridget McDonnell Gallery • Hampton
392 Hampton St, Hampton Vic  3188 • 9598 8398 •

 The new exhibition for Bridget McDonnell Gallery in Carlton will open on the 31st July
Details will be sent out next week

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