lundi 16 juillet 2012

Coming up soon: 2012 inaugural Gold Coast Writers Festival


I am elated to represent New Caledonian writers with the generous sponsorship of LA PROVINCE SUD at the inaugural Gold Coast Writers Festival, to be held on 26-28 October 2012 at the Robina Community Centre. This is a very exciting event which follows a very successful Festival for Independent Writers and Publishers in 2011. The 2012 Gold Coast Independent Writers Festival is a joint venture between the Australiasian Independent Writers and the Gold Coast Writers Association. The Festival is designed to showcase the work of invited writers and to build relationships nationally and internationally.

Following a highly successful inaugural event, the 2012 Festival will be a three-day event on the last weekend (26/28) of October, 2012, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and re-titled the GOLD COAST WRITERS FESTIVAL.

Day 1 (Friday) will consist of a series of workshops:

WORKSHOPS: (these require tickets)
10-10.45 Self Publishing Land Mines and How To Avoid Them with DANIEL PROKOP
11-11.45 Author Platform Building with ANTHONY PUTTEE
1-1.45 Self Editing - Tips From a Professional Manuscript Assessor with LOUISE CUSACK
2-2.45 Marketing Your Writing
3-3.45 Manuscript to Market with LAUREL COHN
POETRY READINGS (these are free and will be held in parallel with the ticketed workshops)
9-9.45 Caroline Glen
10-10.45 Duncan Richardson
11-11.45 Phillip Ellis
12-12.45 Lesley Synge
1-1.45 Richard Allen

FRIDAY Evening Informal DINNER at Krish India

Day 2 (Saturday) will feature discussions, panels and featured writers including:
Tim Ferguson, Krissy Kneen, Jennifer Bacia, Jean-Francois Vernay, Michael Jacobson, Jan Murray, Simon Groth, David Reiter, Meg Vann, Andy McDermott, Sandy Curtis, David Craig, Sally Collings, Rowena Cory Daniells, Anita Bell, Pamela Rushby, Michelle Worthington, Karen Tyrrell, etc.

8.45 - 9  WELCOME by Minister for the Arts
9-9.45 Writing for Children
10-10.45 The Thrill Of The Chase
12-12.45 Romance VS Erotica
1-1.45  The Novel Journalist
2-2.45 Become a Human Lie Detector
3-3.45 Life Writing - The Art of Memoir
4-4.45 Fantasy and Sci-Fi

INDUSTRY IQ SESSIONS (These will run parallel with the Panel Sessions)

9-9.45 Writing For The Screen
10-10.40 Self Publishing Now
10.40-11.20 TBA
11.20 -12.00 Becoming Self Published
12- 12.45 Getting Published
1-1.45 Digital Publishing
3-3.45 My Planets  - Future Of Writing
4-4.45 SPECIAL WORKSHOP The Art of Comedy Writing with Tim Ferguson

4.45-5.00 Announcements including Competition Winners

 Day 3 (Sunday) will give you the opportunity to dine in style at a LITERARY LUNCHEON with the Gold Coast Writers Association and guest authors.

This festival is designed to bring together ALL authors, including self-published and independently published, with publishers and printers who may assist them.
The festival consists of events which require PAYMENT:
Friday Workshops
Friday Dinner
Sunday Literary Lunch
FREE events include:
Friday Poetry Sessions
Friday Children's Workshops
Saturday Industry IQ Sessions
Saturday Panel Sessions

It is also designed as an expo for writers to be able to showcase their work to those most important people, READERS.

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