mercredi 20 juin 2012

Miles Franklin Award Winner: Anna Funder, ALL THAT I AM

Anna Funder is $50,000 richer after winning the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award for her novel All That I Am. The annual award is presented to the novel of the year which is judged to be of the highest literary merit and 'presents Australian Life in any of its phases'. The other shortlisted authors were Gillian Mears (Foal's Bread) Frank Moorhouse (Cold Light),  Favel Parrett (Past The Shallows) and Tony Birch (Blood).
Professor Gillian Whitlock, speaking on behalf of the 2012 judging panel, said of Funder's book: 'The judges admired this ambitious novel that moves across continents and decades to remind us that experiences of exile and dislocation have long been part of Australian life.'
In addition to the shortlisted five, the 2012 longlist consisted of:
Moorhouse, Miller and Carroll are all previous winners of the prize - Moorhouse in 2001 for Dark Palace, Miller in 2003 for Journey to the Stone Country and Carroll in 2008 for The Time We Have Taken.
The Miles Franklin Literary Award was first awarded in 1957. Find out more about the award at the website.
Source: Austlit.

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