dimanche 24 juin 2012

Kinsella at Poetry Parnasus in London

Congratulations John! I fondly remember our first meeting shortly after your Toulouse-Le Mirail public talk in the mid 1990s in France. As I recall, you were invited by Pr. Xavier PONS.

Australian poet John Kinsella will represent Australia at this week’s Poetry Parnassus in London.  Part of the London 2012 Festival, the Poetry Parnassus is a week-long event celebrating ‘international poetry and the spoken word’. Each of the 204 countries competing at the London 2012 Olympics has been invited to send one poet to the United Kingdom. The poets will take part in over 100 events across the country, culminating in a gala occasion at London’s Southbank Centre on 1 July.
Kinsella will be joined by internationally acclaimed poets such as Ireland’s Nobel Prize-winner Seamus Heaney, exiled North Korean Jan Jin Seong and the UK’s Jo Shapcott (winner of the 2011 Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry).
Organisers expect the Poetry Parnassus to be ‘the UK’s largest gathering of the world’s poets’. Events begin on 26 June with a ‘global gathering of leading directors, publishers and writers to help locate poetry's place in the world and revolutionise how we work in the 21st Century’.
For a full list of events and to make bookings, visit the Southbank Centre’s website. Those unable to attend in person can listen to the podcasts here.
Source: Austlit News 

Added comment:  
Dear Jean-François Vernay

I wonder if you would consider modifying the title of your blog entry, "Kinsella to Fly Australia's Flag at London Festival"?
John Kinsella is so anti-nationalist that he wouldn't like to be thought of as "flying a flag" (though I realise this is merely being quoted from Austlit News -- but they have since changed their title).
John will be speaking against nationalism at the event, and Granta is running an article of his about the issue. He is strongly anti-nationalist (though not anti-community).
I would happily have written this as a comment to the blog, but it doesn't permit comments unless by team members. I hope you don't mind me writing direct instead!

With very best wishes,
Tracy Ryan.
Thanks for the feedback Tracy Ryan, I was just concerned with passing on the information from Austlit. Apologies to John Kinsella. For those who would like to dip into more poetry, feel free to read Tacy Ryan's oeuvre also, pasted below and taken from The Australian Poetry Library  website. Enjoy the read.

Tracy Ryan (1964 – )

Tracy Ryan was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1964. She attended Curtin University, and later the University of Western Australia, where she studied European languages. She has worked as a bookseller, university tutor, and in libraries. She has lived in the UK and in Ohio, USA, as well as Western Australia. She was Judith E. Wilson Junior Visiting Fellow at Robinson College, Cambridge, in 1998, and subsequently taught Australian literature and film at the University of East Anglia. She is married to fellow poet John Kinsella, and has collaborated with him in various projects including the editing of Salt magazine and the development of the international publishing imprint Folio/Salt (now Salt Publishing). She was also editor of the Fremantle Arts Review from 1993 to 1996.
Ryan began publishing her poems in literary journals in the late 1980s. Her early poem sequence ‘Streams in the Desert’ was joint-winner of the Mattara poetry prize in 1987, and was published in the anthology Kiwi and Emu: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Australian and New Zealand Women (1989). Her first collection of poems, Killing Delilah, appeared in 1994, and she has since published eight further collections. Her collection The Willing Eye won the Western Australian Premier’s Poetry Award in 1999. Ryan has also published three novels, Vamp: a novel (1997), Jazz Tango (2002), and Sweet (2008), and a collection of short stories, Conspiracies (2003).
Poetry Collections
  • Killing Delilah (South Fremantle, WA: Fremantle Press, 1994).
  • Intensities of Blue: poems ([Applecross, WA]: Folio, 1995).
  • Bluebeard in Drag: poems (South Fremantle, WA: Fremantle Press, 1996).
  • Lines of Sight (Cambridge, UK: Folio/Salt, 1997).
  • Ex Opere Operato (Newtown, NSW: Vagabond Press, 1999).
  • The Willing Eye: poems (South Fremantle, WA: Fremantle Press, 1999).
  • Hothouse (Fremantle, WA: Fremantle Press, 2002).
  • Scar Revision (Fremantle, WA: Fremantle Press, 2008).

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