jeudi 17 mai 2012

Travelogue: Tassieland adventures. Part II

Gourmet Food at a Leisurely Pace

Lunching in Australia’s first plastic bag free town, Coles Bay, is a slow process that takes you to Freycinet Marine Farm and through various vineyards (Spring Vale and Milton) to sample the best wines the region has to offer, not to mention the gourmet food that goes with it like wallaby cold meats, smoked salmon, steamed mussels, grilled oysters and scallops, to name a few.


Meeting Professionals in the Trade

I really enjoyed meeting the best winemakers in the region in company of “French Mayor” Bertrand Cadart and his fiancée Catherine Fouquet. Cr Bertrand Cadart has some affinities with New Caledonia and last February he hosted Nouméa’s Mayor Jean Lèques in the hope to establish partnerships between New Caledonia and Tasmania. The French Mayor knows that he has a lot of support and appeal in Nouméa and he will be back here in June for La Foa’s cinema festival.


Vintage Cars: Join the Club
One morning I woke up and saw over 40 vintage cars parked in front of my hotel. As part of Tasmania’s Veteran Car Club, a group of retirees were organizing a country trip, while preparing for their next rally. The great freedom you experience when driving a vintage car is that you needn’t buckle up, according to legislation. Why? Probably because of the cars’ low maximum speed and also because of the fact that these collector’s items were not originally fitted with seatbelts.  


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