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Travelogue: Tasmania's adventure Down Under. Part I

The Serendipitous Swansea Stroll

The swell of the sea gently breaks upon the shore in the morning freshness. At low tide, a dry-shod stroll along the Swansea foreshore path, bordered by lichen-covered boulders on which Australian Fur Seals occasionally bask in the sun, will enable you to get in tune with Tasmania’s nature. “She sells seashells by the seashore”, but where is she? 

Cruising to the Wineglass Bay

Stirring the surge in the distance, a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins show their dorsal lines in an elegant aquatic ballet. The turquoise waters are inviting and the granite cliffs are towering over the Wineglass Bay. The Captain of the boat is about to treat us to some fresh oysters and Tassie cheese, with a glass of sparkling wine. How to resist the temptation? The Hooded plovers sit quietly on the jagged rocks and receive the infrequent visit from the Pied oystercatchers.

Thrill-packed Adventures in Tassieland

Quad riding is probably one of the rare thrill-packed activities you can go for in Coles Bay and on the East Coast, more generally. All4adventure will teach you the safest way to ride a quad bike before exploring the bumpy tracks of Freycinet National Park on all terrain vehicles. The friendly guide will take care of you all along the way. Though family friendly, this adventurous tour is not for the faint-hearted and teenagers under 16.  Don’t miss out on the stunning views from the best vantage points in the park.

Close Encounters With the Third Strange Kind

At East Coast Natureworld, it is all about petting and admiring the wonders of nature. You can easily be approached by the wallabies and white peacocks roaming free. Tassie devils, traditionally feeding off roadkills as Australian crows would, are fed crunchy dead mice. Their population is unfortunately dwindling as they are jeopardized by Facial Tumour Disease. A number of scientific programmes aim at protecting them.

After tee time, teatime

Sitting at the threshold of Freycinet National Park, the seaside township of Coles Bay is strategically located. After playing golf near the Waterloo Inn in Swansea, a night at Margaret and Alan’s bed and breakfast will be the opportunity to eat scrumptious locally grown food to savour the East Coast seafood enhanced by a glass of chilled regional wine. Located by the sea, Sheoaks on Freycinet B&B is a serene haven perfect for more relaxing time in Tassieland.


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