samedi 12 mai 2012

The shortlist for the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award

The shortlist for the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award has been revealed by the award’s trustee, The Trust Company. This year’s short list comprises five books, including three by women, one of whom is a first-time novelist.
The shortlisted titles are: Blood by Tony Birch, All That I Am by Anna Funder, Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears, Cold Light by Frank Moorhouse and Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett.
Parrett’s novel, her first, is set on the south-east coast of Tasmania and explores the life of a dysfunctional family. Brothers Miles and Harry are subject to the anger and violence of their hard-working, hard-drinking father, but offer each other care and protection in this harsh environment.
The Miles Franklin judges wrote: ‘Parrett’s controlled, unadorned narrative completely immerses the reader in the marginalised and isolating world of the boys' circumstances: the all-pervasive, random violence of their father, the ocean which both supports them and drains them, and their own strategies for surviving their situation ... Past the Shallows is an intensely moving novel, about the importance and sustaining power of love and responsibility, and the tragedies which can unfold in their absence.’
The winner of this year’s Miles Franklin will be announced on 30 June. To read all the judges’ notes, go to the Miles Franklin website and follow the links to the shortlist.

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