lundi 2 avril 2012

The ongoing Patrick White Project: ... MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Do you have a publisher?
I am happy to announce that selected contributions
to our project on international Patrick White scholarship
essays in Australian culture will be published in
one of the 2012 issues of CERCLES :
(currently edited by Philippe Romanski in France),
a C1 publication in Australian parlance.
        Will the essays be peer-reviewed? 
All contributions will go through a double-blind referee
They will be assessed by members selected from our
pool of distinguished referees.
   What subjects will the Coad/ Vernay collection cover? 
Film studies, visual arts, literary theory, psychoanalytic
philosophy, art, genre studies, you name it.
 Are you seeking submissions from international scholars only? 
We do not want to restrict the scope to local viewpoints of
Patrick White’s literary opus, even though Australia-based
scholars are most welcome to contribute.
Will you accept already published work? 
I’m afraid not. We are not building up an anthology.
Rather, we are seeking unpublished material specifically
addressing our CFP. The fact that the already published
piece has been revised will make no difference;
it will be rejected all the same.
 Will there be time for revisions, if need be? 
Yes. To organize this guest-edited issue of
CERCLES in a most efficient way, we need
to stick to deadlines.Therefore, we expect the
completion of your article by mid April 2012.
The Editors will digest them and send them out
to our panel of referees. Eventually, possibly
sometime before July 2012, we will get back in touch
with contributors to let them know of the outcome of the
referee process. Authors will have a fortnight to revise
their initial paper in keeping with our recommendations.
Which address should I use for any correspondence? 
For all correspondence, write conjointly to
David Coad:
and I,
Jean-François Vernay:
Please keep us informed and report progress.
Do you accept fiction pieces and book reviews?
We do not accept fiction but we have commissioned
a series of book reviews on the subject
for our special issue.
With best wishes,
Jean-François Vernay

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