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Objet-d- Art: A New Academic Journal


A New Academic Journal

Objet-d- Art

Department of History and Faculty of Management Studies, M.L.S. University, Udaipur in a joint venture with HPPL, Ahmadabad is going to launch a new academic journal Objet-d- Art- an exciting and ambitious venture which will provide a much-needed forum for redefining the study of Museology and Art-business across cultures.

The journal will break new ground in the study of museology and art as a global phenomenon. Objet-d- Art will be published by Department of History and Faculty of Management Studies, M.L. S, University, Udaipur in a joint venture with HPPL, Ahmadabad.

The editors, supported by an International Advisory Panel, aim for the journal to promote critical reflection by scholars, students and artists around the world, combining theory, method and practice. Objet-d- Art encourages innovative and comparative approaches for studying human creativity, both past and present. The journal will also reflect the Department of History and Faculty of Management Studies, M.L. S. University, Udaipur research and teaching in art history, archaeology, anthropology, cultural heritage, and Art-business and museum studies.

Objet-d- Art- will publish contributions ranging from scholarly articles to dialogues to Art-business and museum studies, all of which will be peer-reviewed. The call for contributions to the inaugural issue of the journal is based on the theme Possibilities for Museum Studies and Art-business the deadline for submission is 20 June 2012. The first issue of Objet-d- Art will appear in September, 2012.



Possibilities for Museum Studies and Art-business

Museum Studies and Art-business is a global phenomenon. Through them people remake themselves and their worlds, while commenting on their values and beliefs. Making, using and learning from museums and artworks are fundamental to human social life and sensory engagement. In the context of the reassessment of the collecting, display and interpretation of cultures, the study of museums and works of art as a global human activity challenges categories of mainstream and marginalized arts and allows new histories to emerge, highlighting different standpoints and disciplines.

Objet-d-Art encourages critical reflection at the intersections of theory, method and practice. It provides a forum for redefining the concept of art for scholars, students and practitioners, for rethinking artistic and interpretive categories and for addressing cultural translation of art practices, canons and discourses. It promotes innovative and comparative approaches for studying human creativity, past and present.

Objet-d-Art welcomes contributions which promote inter-cultural, inter-national, inter-practice or inter-disciplinary concerns. Submissions can take the form of articles or art-works, or photography based on individual or collaborative research.

Even case studies in the aforesaid areas welcome. The contributors may submit articles on Indian Culture and Heritage research. The content of Objet-d-Art will be broadly themed according to a number of generic categories, however, not every category will necessarily appear in each issue of the journal and others may be added:

Ø We favor comparative studies, the questioning of values from one culture to another, or from one period to another.

Ø We are looking for short contributions or longer considered essays in which opinions can be freely aired on issues of critical importance concerning cultural politics, migrations, colonialism, museology, archaeology discourses of display, religion, values, funding, power, heritage and patrimony, identity.


Main Theme: Possibilities for Museum Studies and Art-business

For the inaugural issue, discuss this theme from the perspective of the past or the present in words and images through:

Ø Research articles (5,000-8,000 words)

Ø Shorter contributions, interventions and dialogues

Ø The editors welcome original contributions which:

Challenge academic conventions

Engage in scholarly excellence

Privilege artistic creativity

Promote dialogue

Submit your Manuscript

Please submit outlines and proposals in the first instance to the editors at:

Completed manuscripts should reach the Editor by 20 June 2012.

All contributions are peer-reviewed under the guidance of the Editorial Advisory Board.

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