lundi 16 avril 2012

Australian Prints from the 1960s and 70s

from the R.E. Nott Collection

including commissioned prints from the Print Council of Australia

21st April - 5th May 2012

Champagne and cheese will be served
Saturday 21st April 10am - 3pm

Tate Adams, Ian Armstrong, George Barker, Ray Beattie, Geoffrey Brown, Neil Caffin,
Paul Cavell, Jock Clutterbuck, Geoff La Gerche, Robert Grieve, Weaver Hawkins,
Petr Herel, Tom Higgins, Franz Kempf, Grahame King, Hertha Kluge-Pot, Sandra Leveson, Harry Miller, Max Miller, John Neeson, David Rose, John Sandler, Stephen Spurrier, Helen Taylor, James Taylor, Lesbia Thorpe, Andrew Trollope, Rosemary Vickers,
Tay Kok Wee and Michael West

Bridget McDonnell Gallery • Hampton
392 Hampton St, Hampton 3188 • 9598 8398

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