samedi 24 mars 2012

Trouble's analytics report

Good news everyone! Our FEB stats have been compiled. Here is our monthly analytics report that shows how clever your descision to advertise in Trouble has been. We had a massive total of 36,054 page views and 22,028 visits recorded on our own site for Feb issue, and much more besides. We have a #1 Google ranking in searches for 'trouble', which places us higher than both Wikipedia and

See also our editorial report below, detailing how busy we've been generating and sharing content across multiple platforms. The February issue is still available to view on our ISSUU newsstand.

Re-making Trouble as an exclusively online magazine has been an incredibly challenging experience, but the rewards have been equal to the challenge. I think we can afford to say now that it has been an amazing success. The enthusiasm of our readers has been gratifying, and the patience and support of our listers and advertisers remarkable.

Thanks from Team Trouble

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