samedi 24 mars 2012

Soon in Trouble!

ABOVE: Roy Lichtenstein, Crak! 1963–64, colour lithograph. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Purchased 1996 © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein. Licensed by Viscopy. BELOW: Marion Manifold, Le Sphinx 2010, linocut.

Well, we promised a little Lichtenstein for you this April and that's what we're delivering. Stay tuned to Trouble, and by the time Roy Lichtenstein: A Pop Remix opens at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery on the 19th, you will be fully versed in this artist's oeuvre, and much more besides. We have a host of other goodies lined up including images from printmaker Marion Manifold, who has been busy beheading Marie Antoinette all over again for her show at Art Gallery Ballarat (opening this Friday), while Jean-François Vernay gives us both barrels with an article on surrealist painter Charles Billich, as well as his usual view on Stralian Books, this month asking 'Are Books in Trouble?' ...

If you were to rank all cinematic endevours based on risk potential, literature adaptations would unquestionably be right near the top. Adaptation of one medium to another of significant difference is a process that rarely goes smoothly, frequently running afoul of narrative, pacing and developmental issues, as the components unique to each medium come crashing together. ...

The APRIL ISSUE of Trouble will go online from 1st April 2012.

Look out for our APRIL issue of Trouble, uploading on 1st April 2012.

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