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CONFERENCE: “Transculturation and Aesthetics”

BERGEN (Norway) 31 AUGUST - 2 SEPTEMBER, 2012

To mark the close of the three-year Nordforsk funded project on Literary Transculturation an international conference open to all interested will be held at the University of Bergen. This conference aims to bring together the concerns previously explored in the Network's research seminars/symposia, opening them up to a wider conceptualization of transculturalism.

The meaning of the transcultural and the aesthetic expression of this is the site of muchcontemporary thinking in the wake of postcolonialism. Issues of borders and border-crossings are of central interest, be they geographical, epistemological, cultural, personal, temporal, or symbolic. The notion of writing history “to reconstruct on entirely new terms” (Attwell) is fraught with theoretical perplexities. This is very much what underlies theories of globalization processes, and of course it is not coincidental that precisely postcolonial theories of culture and identity politics have so strongly influenced how we understand our own current and interconnected realities. This interconnectedness, of routes/roots and cultures, is not a phenomenon “elsewhere;” it increasingly circumscribes and describes the realities and lives lived in our own contemporary societies, evident in the processes of migration, border crossings and responses to an integrated Europe.

The literary expression of this is a key element in understanding this world, not least since literary transculturation is linked to other cultural phenomena from folklore to film, further emphasizing the need for creating and developing interdisciplinary approaches. The emphasis on the simultaneity of multiple sites, heterogeneity and heterochronos is important in helping to create an understanding of the contemporary cultural and social aspects of everyday life.

Papers or panels (of three) are invited on topics including but not limited to:

• Theories and methodologies of transculturalism

• The aesthetics of literary transculturation

• Memory and storytelling

• Identity and border-crossing

• Transcultural v.postcolonial

• Translated identities and cultures

• Place and dislocation

• Configurations of belonging and identity

• Mismatching perspectives

• Transcultural indigeneity

Plenary speakers:

Dominica Dipio (Uganda): "Negotiating Transcultural Identities in African Literature: Timothy Wangusa's Upon This Mountain and Ngugi wa Thiongo's The River Between"

Norma Klahn (U.S.): "Re-Plotting Border Imaginaries: A Tale of Two Cities"

Ato Quayson (Canada): Periods vs. Concepts: Space-making and the Question of Postcolonial Literary History"

Richard Rodriguez (U.S.): "After the Border Wall is Built"

Deadline for abstracts of up to 300 words: April 11th, 2012.

All abstracts should be submitted to

Registration fee for non-network members: €150, which includes lunch and coffee breaks all days, reception Friday, and conference dinner Saturday.

Accommodation: The conference takes place at historical Hotel Grand Terminus. For room reservations please contact the hotel directly at

The conference starts at on August 31st and ends 4.p.m. Sunday afternoon. The City of Bergen will host a reception Friday evening at 7 pm for the conference participants at historical Schøtt stuene.

If there is sufficient interest for the Norway in a Nutshell tour either the day before or the day after the conference, this can be arranged. Please notify the organiser if you wish to book a trip.

For queries regarding the conference, please contact or


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