vendredi 9 décembre 2011

Vernay gets into TROUBLE once again

Dearest Readers,

My latest contribution to the double issue Dec/ Jan of Trouble magazine has just been published. Here's the weblink:
The focus on Ned Kelly fiction is a tribute to the State of Victoria where Trouble magazine is based. Wait until you read the forthcoming February Stralian Books section -- it will be a special treat for Valentine's Day fans.

With best wishes, JFV

Publisher's e-letter:

In this issue expect to see big stars as Inga Walton delivers an intense, intelligent review of Made in Hollywood: Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation, now opened at Bendigo Art Gallery (also featured on our front cover). Further wonders may be revealed when Ben Laycock sends Greetings from Natimuk in time to witness the delights of their recent Fringe Festival; while new kid on the Trouble block, Mark S. Holsworth, kicks against the 1% of pricks who manage to keep 99% of us securely in the poorhouse with Small Change for Big Culture.

Greenwish #2 by Danilo Paglialonga also looks at the global Occupy and anti-greed movements, considering how the use of virtual space has been instrumental in organising the occupation of public spaces around the world. And the excellent Jean-François Vernay keeps the outlaw mood going with a comprehensive review of books about Ned Kelly in Stralian Books.

Meanwhile Courtney Symes performs her usual outstanding tricks in Melburnin', looking at the NGV's summer exhibs 'The Mad Square' and British Watercolours 1760-1900, as well as Pipilotti Rist's I Packed the Postcard in my Suitcase at ACCA, and Counihan Gallery's annual Women's Salon, among others. Our own Salon is beautiful, as usual, and there's lot's more besides, including a bonus cartoon courtesy of Matt Bissett-Johnson below. My suggestion – get into Trouble asap.

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