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Call for Papers: Creative Practice as Research

Call for Papers: Volume 2 Number 1
Creative Practice as Research

The second issue of New Scholar takes up the theme of creative practice, and its relationship to research. In the last few years, creative practitioners in the Australian academy have fought for their work to be included in the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) measurement, arguing that creative practice contributes invaluably to research culture and to knowledge. Creative writing, visual art and music academics lobbied strongly for recognition in the narrow confines of what constituted ‘research’ in this ranking system, with some success. At a time when the original ERA has been withdrawn and a new system has been introduced, and when degrees in Creative Arts are (paradoxically?) flourishing, creative scholar/practitioners are faced with a particularly charged moment for considerations of the shape of their professional futures.
This issue of New Scholar calls for examinations of creative practice in all its forms, in contexts including and beyond the Australian university sector example. The editors would welcome innovative approaches to submission, for example: photo essays, creative works with an analytical approach or significant exegetical component (including submissions in audio and/or visual formats such animations, sound files and podcasts). Scholarly reviews of creative works (for example: exhibitions of visual arts; written works; film, theatre or audio productions) would also be most welcome.
Submissions might address (but should not be limited to) the following themes:

Publishing cultures

- Creative arts and funding frameworks
- Creative practice and workload arrangements
- Creative practice and research measures in different countries
- Creative practice and policy contexts
- Creative praxis as a form of ‘research’
- Hybrid forms
- Creative arts pedagogies
- Creative practice in health
- The place of creative practice in imagining and inspiring sustainable societies
- Creative practice and green initiatives
- Creative practice and translation
- Adaptation methodologies and their implications
- PhDs in Creative Arts and the function of the Exegesis in the writing process
- Creativity and governmentality
- The politics of creative practice/s
- ‘Creative industries’
- Creative practice and cultural capital
- Creative practice and wellbeing

Submissions should be uploaded to by Friday 3 February, 2012.
Please see the New Scholar website for updated guidelines for authors.

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