mardi 22 novembre 2011

Release: A Frog in the Billabong by Marie-Paule LEROUX

I wish to let you know that the translation of my book La Grenouille dans le Billabong into English has been completed and has been published under the apt title A Frog in the Billabong.

The book was originally written in French from a French perspective and for the French market but many have asked me to have it translated. It is a funny book about my then 12 years in Tasmania as a “frog”, the many faux-pas Alain and I made, the culture shock, our many encounters, the food and wine industry, my then business Exquisite Flavours, Richmond where we lived (and we are back) of course. It’s also a book about Tasmanian History and culture. Above all it’s a book that tells of my love for Tasmania.

Tell your friends. Thank you. You can use the enclosed flyer or visit my website to order :

For bookshops : the usual discount apply.

Pls note my book is published by Littlefox Press (WA) and has been printed on Australian non-bleaced recycled paper and binding is with non-toxic glue.

Marie-Paule LEROUX

Entretien avec Marie-Paule Leroux

Marie-Paule LEROUX est née au Loroux-Bottereau, un charmant petit village au milieu des vignes, près de Nantes. Après son Baccalauréat en 1979 et son BTS en 1981, elle entre au Service Export d’une grande maison du vignoble Nantais, un poste qui lui a permis de voyager dans le monde entier pendant plusieurs années. En 1991, elle émigre, avec son mari, en Tasmanie Australie. Ils obtiennent la nationalité australienne en 1993.

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