mardi 15 novembre 2011

Literary Project Update

Dear Followers and blog fans,

Thanks heaps for joining my blog and making it colourful with your pics and cheerful with your smiles.

David and I are making good progress with our Patrick White editing project:

So far, there are six book reviews expected to be turned in by experts in the field.

Books coming under close scrutiny are:

Writing the Nation. Patrick White and the Indigene, by DRIESEN, Cynthia vanden
Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2009, XXXVI, 207 pp./

Postcolonial Issues in Australian Literature, Edited by Nathanael O’Reilly, Amherst (New York): Cambria Press, 2010 , Hardcover. xii +317 p.

Messengers of Eros: Representations of Sex in Australian Writing by Xavier Pons, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, viii + 362 pp

John Beston's Patrick White within the Western Literary Tradition.

Change – Conflict and Convergence : Austral–Asian Scenarios, Cynthia and Ian vanden Driesen (Eds.)

Remembering Patrick White. Contemporary Critical Essays. By McMahon, Elizabeth and Brigitta Olubas (Eds.) Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2010, XVII, 218 pp.

We hope to receive some outstanding essays by mid-December 2011.

As a friendly reminder, my articles on Australian fiction will resume next month in Trouble magazine and, after Australia's most provocative writer (
), I shall pay a tribute to the State of Victoria by exploring Ned Kelly fiction. So stay in literary tune with TROUBLE magazine.

Take care!

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