mardi 15 novembre 2011

Introducing the Art of Nora Wompi

The vulupcious strokes of colour that explode and bounce off a Wompi canvas are at times more reminiscent of the Edvard Munch painting the Scream.

On the surface Wompi's art is more alined to the great abstraction works of non indigenous artists and yet this Great Sandy Desert artist is oblivious to such genres.

As a tribal elder, Wompi goes about her daily business of hunting , providing for family and painting. Her fluid brushstrokes render dreaming sites, talis, soak holes and bush tucker, creating visions of Kunawarritja (Well 33) on the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia reflecting her intimate knowledge and spiritual connection to her country.

At first glance, these colours appear not to be those iconic desert colours, but looking closely at the landscape through Nora’s eyes, these hues often entice and encapsulate the visual. For in the numerous salt lakes that pattern this landscape, the whiteness of the salt is blinding within the sun’s beat, but as the sun sets, so too does the landscape bask in softer tones of reds, pinks and purples.

Similarly, although the desert may be blanketed in yellow grasses and brush, various plants with their winter green/silver foliage and flowers of muted whites, purples and pinks provide the land with a nuance of softness and delicacy.

When looking at her latest artworks, many of the canvases are classic stylised Nora pieces created with vibrant colours, swirls and strokes of intense movement – all indicative of what may be perceived as reflections of the ‘desert landscape’. However, several pieces are created from within a concourse of muted whites with shimmers of winter greens, plum purples, soft apricots and dust pink.

This senior artist’s mastery of her art has increased with age. Her work possesses a confidence and grandeur of vision. It is a retelling of time old stories but also an affirmation of now.

The Suzanne O'Connell Gallery In association with Warlayirti Artists are excited to present Nora Wompi's first solo Sydney exhibition at the Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street Waterloo .

From Tuesday 15 November till Saturday 26 November with the opening function at 2pm

on Saturday 19 November.

Nora will be in attendance.

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