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Exhibition: A Love Magic Coo-ee Christmas

A Love Magic Coo-ee Christmas
Give a Gift - Get a Gift

Bula-Bula-Artseach work is - natural earth pigments on canvas board, 23 x 30.5 cm

Bula'Bula Arts
A selection of the works from Bula'Bula Arts in Ramingining, Arnhem Land, N.T

Weave each work is - natural earth pigments on canvas board, 23 x 30.5 cm

Weave Art Centre
The Weave Arts Centre is a not-for-profit organisation established as a cultural focal point within the Redfern and Waterloo area. Its’ mission is to promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation of outsider art and Indigenous Art in the wider community.

Warlukurlangu-Artseach work is - synthetic polymer paint on canvas board, 23 x 30.5 cm

Warlukurlangu Artists
A selection of the works from Warlukurlangu Artists in Yuendumu, N.T

Opening Saturday 3rd December

at 3pm

6 communities – 60 Artists - 200 Artworks

All works under $300

Last year's 9x12" Coo-ee Christmas was a spectacular success with over 100 people on the day jostling for the works they wanted.

This year is bigger and better with twice the amount of artworks!

Be quick to avoid disappointment
RSVP: or (02) 9300 9233

The images and details of all the artworks are now available online.

Small-scale affordable works from remote communities.

Participating art centres this year include Ngaruwanajirri Artists in the Tiwi islands, Bula’bula Arts in Ramingining, Warlukurlangu in Yuendumu, Waringarri Artists in Kununurra and Weave Art Centre – Redfern Sydney.

Click here to download the exhibition price list

Due to the high interest no works will be sold before the opening at 3pm on the 3rd of December. If you are unable to attend, view the works online before hand and call or email before 3pm on the day of the opening to reserve the work(s) of your choice. We can not promise that you will get your desired artwork so it is advised to make a 'wish list' of works in preference order so we can endeavour to get you the work/s you admire.

each work is - synthetic polymer paint on canvas board, 23 x 30.5 cm

Warnayaka Art Centre
A selection of the works from Warnayaka Art Centre in Lajamanu, N.T -

ngaruwanajirrieach work is - natural earth pigments on canvas board, 23 x 30.5 cm

Ngaruwanajirri Artists
A selection of works from Ngaruwanajirri Artists on Bathurst Island, Tiwi, N.T

Love Magic

Passion knocks lovers sideways. Love unites them forever…
Anonymous French saying

All You Need is Love
Beatles song, 1960s

Love is never having to say you’re sorry…
Love Story, 1970, dir. Arthur Hiller

Few people realize that love is a universal theme in Aboriginal culture just as it is in Western culture. There are however many interesting contrasts. For Anglo-Europeans, the heart is considered to be the seat of the emotions, of feelings, intuition, and love. For many Aboriginal peoples, the primary seat of the emotions is not the heart, but in one’s miyalu, or stomach!

Falling in love Warlpiri- or Kukatja-style is described very differently from describe the experience.

We talk about happiness, sadness, rage, anger, desire, concern, anxiety, depression, with expressions like ‘broken-hearted’, ‘heart-breaking’, ‘heart-rending’, ‘heartache’, ‘open-hearted’, or ‘heart-throb’ used to describe a sexually attractive person, while Warlpiri and Kukatja people use the expression ‘miyalu-kari’ (other-stomached) to describe a person in a state of being low in spirits, depressed, or down-at-heart.

For them, the throat (‘waninja’) is the primary location of love, amorous feelings, sexual yearning and attraction. Falling in love is described as ‘waninja-nyinami’ (throat-sitting). When Warlpiri and Kukatja people fall in love, it gets them in the throat, not in the heart! For this reason necklaces and other body adornments worn about the neck, close to one’s throat, hold special significance and are often used in ceremonies pertaining to love. Often these are woven out of hairstring and used in yilpinji (Love Magic) ceremonies.

Aboriginal people have powerful traditions of love magic rituals and ceremonies, involving the singing of secret love songs as well as other forms of artistic expression. Sometimes this involves the painting of special designs onto their bodies or the production of 'love objects' to enact these ceremonies. Called 'Yilpinji' in the Warlpiri language, these ceremonies are enacted separately by men and women as a means of attracting the object of their sometimes adulterous or otherwise forbidden desire.

All of the works in this exhibition in some way relate to the theme of love, or love magic. But most of all they are about compassion, and generosity, two emotions that seem perfect for a special Christmas exhibition.

Adrian, Anne and Mirri are delighted invite you to the opening of our special ‘Love Magic ‘Christmas. Come and join us for a chirstmas drink.

An ideal Christmas present for all of our, and your, best friends and supporters.
-Adrian Newstead

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