samedi 1 octobre 2011

Symposium: 'A Postcolonial Aesthetic?'

Registrations close tomorrow

Thursday, 6 October, 2011
9.30am - 6pm
Monash Staff Club
Clayton Campus

This symposium invites you to engage with an innovative approach to the postcolonial by extending its current contextual and political analysis through attention to textual forms, strategies and values. By foregrounding the possibility of a postcolonial aesthetic (Boehmer, 2010), the symposium seeks to develop a body of criticism as yet unchartered, and the ways in which it may enhance our understanding of literary and cultural studies. Can there be a postcolonial aesthetic, whether based on western or indigenous theories, within a debate so enmeshed in politics? Does its emphasis on art forms and poetics exclude it from the highly politicised postcolonial debate? Or can there be a relationship between aesthetic concerns, ideology and the political responsibility of practitioners of postcolonial art forms such as literature and film?

The symposium will look at selected forms, genres, strategies and interests, particularly in literatures and film in English and in translation on Australia, South Asia and Africa of the 21st century and which deal (amongst others) with war and terrorism; refugee and asylum seekers; and the return journey of the diasporic. The symposium aims to discuss not only whether a postcolonial aesthetic can offer a more holistic, incisive and empathetic analysis of the postcolonial, but also whether we can speak of a distinct postcolonial aesthetic, or whether this is a multifarious form.

Key Speakers

Elleke Boehmer
Bill Ashcroft
Kim Scott
Stephen Muecke

With Panelists

Chandani Lokuge (Chair)
Shermal Wijewardena
Sanghamitra Dalal
Sue Kossew (Chair)
Lyn McCredden
Janine Burke


Admission is free, but registration by 1 October is essential. Online registration is available at

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