jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Symposium: 'Conflict and Conciliation Across Empires: Objects and Performances in Historical Perspective'

17-18 November 2011
Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre
University of Melbourne

This symposium seeks to explore how the legacies of colonial negotiations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples have contributed to nation building and the popular historical imagination in Australia and other locations in the Asia-Pacific, from the era of European colonization to the present.

This conference features contributions from academics, curators and artists in the examination of imperial histories of contact and conciliation, and of diplomacy ‘on the ground’ in these varied locations. Speakers will consider how objects, images and political performances – both non-Indigenous and Indigenous – frequently work together to both inscribe and consolidate and resist or subvert dominant narratives of colonial settlement. Comparative and transnational perspectives across and within European empires in the region are included.

This symposium has been convened by Penny Edmonds, Kate Darian-Smith and Julie Evans, as part of the ARC funded Linkage project ‘Conciliation Narratives and the Historical Imagination in British Pacific Rim Settler Societies’. The Industry partners for this project are the National Museum of Australia, Museum Victoria, and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. For further information see:

This symposium is free, however RSVPs are requested for catering purposes. Please contact Sharon Harrison:

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