dimanche 23 octobre 2011

BREAKING NEWS: A new literary page for those looking for Trouble

How exciting! I am delighted to announce that a new literary page has been created for those looking for TROUBLE. The November issue will reveal the intriguing profile of Christos Tsiolkas, Australia's most provocative novelist. And their is more in the forthcoming December/ January double issue. So stay in literary tune, and start looking for TROUBLE.

TROUBLE MAGAZINE is an independent monthly magazine edited by Steve Proposch (a.ka. Troublemaker) and devoted to the promotion of arts and culture. They distribute 20,000 (circulation audited) FREE copies nationally each month. TROUBLE MAGAZINE is a very popular and extremely gorgeous A6 format which is usually around 72pp.

Their latest issue can be seen in pageflip version (good for iPhones and iPads, etc.) here:

Their front page is:

For articles check this link:

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