mercredi 24 août 2011

New AustLit Toolkit and Trails Page

The tools and services developed by the Aus-e-Lit Project are now available in the AustLit Toolkit on the AustLit web-site The Toolkit includes descriptions of the new tools and services, video tutorials, links to install the Firefox extension, LORE, and information about how to register for a user account.

The AustLit Toolkit also contains examples of teaching and learning Trails that have been created with LORE. AustLit Trails are annotated collections of Internet resources that explore specific themes. AustLit is seeking suggestions and collaborators to help design, create and publish new trails for a variety of uses, including research and teaching. AustLit is particularly interested in hearing from high school teachers who would like to see more resources on Australian literature for use in the classroom.

Please browse the pages of the new AustLit Toolkit. If you would like more information or wish to collaborate, please contact Dr Roger Osborne:

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