mercredi 24 août 2011

In the spotlight: "Paging all authors" by Rosemary Neill

Caption :Simon Nash and Steve Traurig, founders of Booktopia, Australia's largest online book retailer. Picture: Jeremy Piper Source: The Australian

"JOHN Birmingham is in his Brisbane study, reflecting on the seismic upheavals that are shaking the publishing industry to its foundations.

The bestselling author is riffing on the rise of the e-book and the fall of the country's biggest book chain, REDgroup, when he issues this blunt warning to his fellow writers: "We are going to have to get used to change. The industry that we knew is being swept away. The tsunami of change is already upon us."

In a graphic example of this, REDgroup went into voluntary administration earlier this year, trailing debts of $170 million. By mid-July, all of its 26 Australian-based Borders stores, along with 114 Angus & Robertson shops, had been shut down, with the loss of more than 2000 jobs. Together, these chains accounted for 20 per cent to 25 per cent of the nation's retail book sales."

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