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CFP: PORTAL Special issue: Australians Abroad

CALL FOR PAPERS: Australians Abroad

Special issue of PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies (ISSN: 1449-2490)

Although Australia is often seen as an immigrant country, it has also been shaped importantly by the travel of its people and culture. In the wake of the February 2011 “Australians Abroad” conference at the University of Queensland (, the special number proposes a multidisciplinary analysis of Australian travellers and expatriates past and present: the reasons for and destinations of their travel, the roles they play, their writings and reflections, their negotiation of identity, the meanings they invest in an “elsewhere” and the way they reinterpret the Australia they left behind.

Rationale: If myths of national identity have focused on travel to Australia (‘discovery’, invasion/settlement, transportation, migration), it is worth noting that travel from Australia has been a significant phenomenon for just as long. From Yolngu people accompanying Macassan fisherman to the islands of Indonesia, from those First Fleeters who made the return journey ‘home’ to Europe, to today’s travellers, tourists and expatriates, residents of Australia have left its shores for a multitude of destinations and reasons and in very different roles. Descendants of migrants and refugees, soldiers, nurses, artists, authors, brides, chaperones, utopians, sportspeople, students, teachers, backpackers, cruise-ship travellers, journalists, IT professionals: some have sought to rejoin family, others to escape it; some have sought renown, others have been head-hunted.

We invite papers that explore the theme of Australians Abroad from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including: auto/biography, travel writing, history, language learning, intercultural communication, sociology, tourism, literary/cultural studies.

Possible topics might include:

· analyses of fiction, memoirs, letters, diaries, interviews relating to travel by Australians

· patterns of travel/writing, configurations of gender and desire at different times, in different places

· Aboriginal travel to various destinations and its purposes

· the search for Utopia and its construction by Australians

· contemporary discourses displacing the ‘cultural cringe’ of the 1960s as the motivation for travel

· reflections on Australia from an overseas vantage point

· Australian experiences in non-English speaking territory, the relation between language and cultural identity

· negotiation of belonging and identity in destination cultures

Deadline for submissions: 25 November 2011 (Publication early 2013).

Submission: Articles should be both

(a) submitted electronically via the Portal website and

(b) emailed to the guest editor Juliana de Nooy:

Submissions should be in English or French, between 4,000 and 8,000 words in length including footnotes (preferably no longer than 6,000), and should comply with the modified Harvard referencing style outlined on the web page.

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