samedi 2 juillet 2011

Opinion: Statement published in The Australian

"Recently, I have had access to James Ley’s review of my essay, The Great Australian Novel ⎯ A Panorama, in which he highlights a few 'shortcomings', as any critic would do. No matter how out of proportion Ley’s review is, I am still grateful to this young PhD candidate for pointing out two ‘minor factual errors’ as he calls them. Patrick White's The Solid Mandala absent-mindedly retitled 'The Secret Mandala' and the release date for the film adaptation of Koch's The Year of Living Dangerously inadvertently given as 1972 are indeed translator Marie Ramsland’s minor factual errors. And I can only imagine them to be the inevitable outcome of a hardworking translator who has been burning the midnight oil to meet the deadline for publication to fit a tight schedule. I can assure benevolent Australian readers who read The Great Australian Novel to make an informed opinion for themselves that these blunders shall be corrected in the next edition. A next edition will essentially prove two things: first, that Australians are proud of their literary heritage and are taking it seriously; second, that Ramsland’s enthusiasm and translation skills have managed to convey my own infectious love for Australian fiction. For translation is not all about words, it is also about the spirit of the letter."
⎯ Jean-Francois Vernay.

Source: The Australian, July 2 2011.

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