mercredi 27 juillet 2011

On the joys of being a writer

Last Tuesday I came home after a hard day's work and was pleasantly surprised when I found a parcel lying on my threshold. It was sent from overseas by writer Richard-Warren Strong. It contained a kind note expressing his esteem for Panorama du roman australien (Hermann, 2009), which he read in French, along with 2 of his most recent books: Mayday (Publibook, 2005) & North of Northwest Cape (Publibook, 2010). It reminded me that weeks earlier Philip Salom sent me 2 of his books in appreciation of The Great Australian Novel -- A Panorama (Brolga, 2010), an essay in which I discuss his novels. I am in the process of completing the reading of Keepers (Puncher & Wattmann, 2010) and will then read The Well Mouth (Fremantle Press, 2005). I therefore would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my fellow writers for showing that much support and publicizing my essay on Australian fiction in their circle of friends. I am also grateful to Nicholas Jose for writing the sneak preview that introduces my book and to academics worlwide who have shown their support. I wish to pay homage to Jane O'Hara, Director of BWF, for giving me a unique experience, that of attending an Australian literary festival (at least once in my lifetime!), and apologies if The Great Australian Novel -- A Panorama (Brolga, 2010) was not made available at that time, back in September 2010. Special thanks to Jean-Jacques Garnier, who was then a French cultural attaché based in Sydney, for organizing this unforgettable 2010 Australia tour (that felt like being on cloud nine).

Moreover, I would like to thank all the creative writers who had shared the information related to my book on their Facebook walls: James Bradley, Chris Womersley, Beth Yahp, Delia Falconer, Elif Batuman, Philip Salom, John Birmingham, Lucy Sussex, Maria MJ Hyland, Michael Robotham, Matthew Condon, Sallie Muirden, Terri Janke, Sophie Masson, Sophie Cunningham, Tom Jokinen, Sue Woolfe, Yu Ouyang, Nam Le, Mandy Sayer, among others...

A big kiss to Sue Woolfe for launching the book in Sydney and my fondest regards to Charles and Christa Billich for organizing an exquisite launch in their gallery. My deepest appreciation goes to all men and women of letters who had shown their appreciation for my books in their reviews: Peter Pierce, Nicholas Birns, Xavier Pons, Simon Caterson, Marie Ramsland (who got in touch with me to offer a translation of the original edition), Maurice Blackmann, etc.

Incidentally, without the private initiative of Marie Ramsland (who is not an Australianist herself, but who nevertheless takes her literary heritage seriously) and the expertise of Brolga publishing, the book WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN available in English. I tend to think that readers owe Marie one. And so do I.

I shall not forget all the publications that ran reviews of the English and French editions of my book:

Simon Caterson, The Age (A2), 14/02/2009, p.21; Sylviane Soulard, Episodes, 06/2009, pp.56-60; Roland Rossero, Les Infos 347, 03/07/2009, p.4; Xavier Pons, Anglophonia/ Caliban 25, 2009, pp.515-7; Maurice Blackman, Explorations : A Journal of French/Australian Connections 47, 12/2009, pp.41-2; Michel Feith, Erea 7.2 (2010), en ligne; Marie Ramsland, LINQ 36, (2009), 185-90 ; Ludivine Royer, Postcolonial Text 5: 4 (2009), en ligne ; Peter Pierce The Sydney Morning Herald (Spectrum), 21/05/2011, p.35; James Ley, The Weekend Australian (Spectrum), 11-2/06/2011, p.21

And as a good Sydney friend said, "Disregard the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The writing is good and the spirit is strong. Bon courage". Thanks heaps Geoff E.

My heartfelt thanks also go to ALL OF my supportive friends. (By the way, the fabulous pic of Duri, NSW, that is just above was taken by James M.)

I can consider myself truly blessed....A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

I shall never forget these tokens of your support and friendship!

Finally, I would like to share with you all this delightful video clip my friend Nat put on his Facebook page:

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