mercredi 15 juin 2011

Request for information on the teaching of Australian Literature for the TAL database

Kerry Kilner would welcome information from ASAL members and friends regarding details of Australian literary texts being taught in second semester 2011, for the Teaching Aust. Lit database

The TAL database aims to record details of all Australian texts being taught in Australian and international universities and the contexts in which they are being taught. The database provides information about the ways that all forms of Australian texts – film, print, and digital – are being used in teaching. The establishment of the database was funded by AustLit and the ALTC under the project which Philip Mead, Alice Healy and Kerry Kilner were involved in 2008/09. They undertook a survey of the experiences of teaching and learning activities in Australian literature, publishing a report and launching the database. They are taking a longitudinal approach to the project so that they can see how or whether things change over time as well as creating another useful resource for teachers in the field.

Alice and Kerry will be presenting on the TAL project at ASAL 2011.

Please send details to:

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