vendredi 24 juin 2011

2011 Miles Franklin winner: Kim Scott

ASAL would like to congratulate Kim Scott on winning the 2011 Miles Franklin prize for his third novel (and second to win the Miles Franklin) That Deadman Dance. The novel has also been shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal (along with Peter Boyle, Apocrypha; Peter Goldsworthy, Gravel; Kirsten Tranter, The Legacy, and Chris Womersley, Bereft). The winner of the Gold Medal will be announced at the opening of the ASAL Conference on Tues July 5th. The venue is the State Library of Victoria, which is, coincidentally, where Kim received his Miles Franklin Prize yesterday. Kim has attended and addressed previous ASAL conferences.

Excerpt from The Australian.

“The Trust Company, which runs the prize on behalf of the Miles Franklin estate, is doing a fine job of reinvigorating a literary event that had become a little stale. Holding this year's awards ceremony in Melbourne, the first time it had travelled outside Sydney, was an overdue move. It will be good to see the big night held in other cities in future. A new website ( looks sharp and should become the main online reference for the prize. Increasing the prize money to $50,000 was a good decision but perhaps more can be done.” […] “And there is a case for making the prize tax-free, as are the rich Prime Minister's Literary Awards. Trust Company boss John Atkin plans to take this up with Arts Minister Simon Crean, and he deserves a good hearing.”


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