vendredi 20 mai 2011

Vale Kerry Leves 1948-2011

It is with great sadness that I note the passing of Kerry Leves. Kerry was a highly regarded poet, having published in a number of journals and magazines over the years. His books included Territorial (1996); Water Roars, Illusions Burn (2002); and A Shrine to Lata Mangeshkar (2007). The last named was shortlisted for both the Kenneth Slessor Prize and the New South Wales Premier’s Awards in 2009.

Kerry was also undertaking a PhD at Sydney University, and will be known to ASAL members as a very engaging presence at several recent conferences including the Canberra conference in 2009. The paper he presented was later published in the Special Issue of JASAL (2010) as ‘Toxic flowers : Randolph Stow's unfused horizons’.

Kerry also presented a paper at the Reading Across the Pacific Conference held at the University of Sydney in January 2010. This paper appeared as ‘An imperishable spring? Stow’s Tourmaline, the Cold War and the phenomenon of the star’, in Reading Across the Pacific : Australia-United States Intellectual Histories (Robert Dixon and Nicholas Birns eds), Sydney University Press, 2010.

Paul Genoni

ASAL President

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