jeudi 24 mars 2011

Book Presentation

The Great Australian Novel – A Panorama has a tale to tell. It is a story of Australia, its history and geography, its people and its ideas as revealed through the rich literary genre of the Australian novel. This is a cinematic story for all Australians to know about and to experience like an audience in a darkened cinema absorbed in exciting action on the silver screen. Jean-François Vernay’s seemingly casual approach speaks directly to the reader in a free-flowing narrative that is concerned with involving the reader intellectually – and emotionally. This remastered version of Panorama du roman australien (Paris: Hermann, 2009) is now available to all zones. Restricting it to the French zone would have deprived many of much.

Jean-François VERNAY is a Franco-Australian essayist with a lifelong love of Australian writing. His most recent book, The Great Australian Novel – A Panorama (Melbourne: Brolga, 2010), has been translated by Dr. Marie Ramsland and reads like a riveting novel in a nonchalant – if not conversational – style. With his delightful command of language, Dr. Vernay has spared no effort to share his enthusiasm for Australian fiction from a refreshing and witty perspective.

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The Great Australian Novel: A Panorama

"Jean-François Vernay, perhaps the leading French-language Australian scholar,
has now published an English version of the French-language survey of the
Australian novel that came out last year. The Great Australian Novel is sure to
excite Australianists worldwide and provoke new disquisitions about the
canonical preferences and narrative is literary history within the Australian
textual sphere. It is very difficult to write narrative with any coherent
through-line in a national literature as heterogeneous as Australia's, and
Vernay, at least in the French version, did a splendid job of it. The
English-language version should spread this edification far wider".

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See articles below for the forthcoming official launch of this book: 06 April 2011

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