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New JASAL issue: No 10 (2010): Currents, Cross-Currents, Undercurrents

Dear Readers:

The Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature has
just published its latest issue at

We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles
and items of interest.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,

The Editors,
Tony Simoes da Silva, Frances Devlin-Glass and Bernadette Brennan

No 10 (2010): Currents, Cross-Currents, Undercurrents
Table of Contents

Introduction: Currents, Cross-Currents, Undercurrents, by Frances
Devlin-Glass and Tony Simoes da Silva
Tony Simoes da Silva, Frances Devlin-Glass

Ecological Allegory: Tourmaline , An Example
David Fonteyn
Toxic flowers: Randolph Stow's unfused horizons
Kerry Leves
Randolph Stow: Photo Essay
Graeme Kinross-Smith
Suburbia, Violence and Indigenous Identity in Melissa Lucashenko’s Steam
Nathanael O'Reilly
Seen Through Other Eyes: Reconstructing Australian Literature in India
Paul Sharrad
Working-class Youth Subcultures: Resistance and Expolitation in Criena
Rohan's The Delinquents and Mudrooroo's Wild Cat Falling
Ian Herbertson
The Stolen River: Position, Possession and Race Representation in
Grenville’s Colonial ‘Worlds’
Odette Kelada
Death Watch: Reading the Common Object of the Billycan in ‘Waltzing
Michael Farrell

Review Essays--------
The Cambridge History of Australian Literature edited by Peter Pierce
Ken Gelder

Intimate Horizons: The Post-Colonial Sacred in Australian Literature by
Bill Ashcroft, Frances Devlin-Glass and Lyn McCredden.
Carole Cusack
Barbara Hanrahan: A Biography by Annette Stewart
Frances de Groen
Peripheral Fear: Transformations of the Gothic in Canadian and Australian
Fiction by Gerry Turcotte
Rachael Weaver
Noel Rowe: Ethical Investigations: Essays on Australian Literature and
Poetics edited by Bernadette Brennan
Brigitta Olubas
The Anthology of Colonial Australian Romance Fiction edited by Ken Gelder
and Rachael Weaver
Elizabeth Webby
Remembering Patrick White: Contemporary Critical Essays edited by Elizabeth
McMahon and Brigitta Olubas
Georgina Loveridge
My Blood's Country: a journey through the landscapes that inspired Judith
Wright's poetry by Fiona Capp
Susan Lever


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