lundi 22 novembre 2010

Feedback from Ramsland's launch of The Great Australian Novel

The Great Australian Novel - A Panorama
was launched las Tuesday by Ros Smith (picture 2) who spoke very well and highlighting certain points while Marie Ramsland (picture 1, holding the original version of Panorama du roman australien and picture 5, signing a copy of her translation) spoke very briefly on the translating process.

Many thanks to the crowd of 40 odd people who came (see picture 3) to attend this event in the co-op bookshop at the University of Newcastle (see picture 4).

For those who asked how to obtain a copy of the original, please follow the link below to order a copy from Hermann:

Books were sold on the night and other people who were unable to come have expressed interest to purchase a copy of
The Great Australian Novel - A Panorama (2010) which is currently available for order in Australia through Pan Macmillan,%20Jean-Francois

and will soon be distributed throughout Australia, in Dec 2010.

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