lundi 27 septembre 2010

Rare Aboriginal performance - first time on the East coast of Australia, 11am, Fri 1 Oct

To celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art Edmund Capon, Director, Art Gallery of New South Wales invites you to a special performance of the Gurrir Gurrir, an Aboriginal ceremonial performance from the East Kimberly Aboriginal community of Warmun. Joining us will be award-winning film director, Warwick Thornton.

This will be the first time the Gurrir Gurrir has ever been performed on the East Coast of Australia. There are 10 dancers and 4 singers aged from 20 – 78 years old.

This is a rare opportunity to see the Gurrir Gurrir, a major cultural event of national importance.

Gurrir Gurrir ceremony
Friday 1 October, 11am
Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Gallery has invited these 14 Warmun artists and performers to Sydney to help celebrate the gallery’s Open Weekend (October long weekend).

There will also be more than 60 free events over three days focussing on Aboriginal art. The Open Weekend celebrates the groundbreaking art + soul documentary (directed by Warwick Thornton and written and presented by Hetti Perkins, senior curator of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art), the art + soul book and the art + soul exhibition by Hetti Perkins.

The Gurrir Gurrir (pronounced grill grill) ceremony depicts events associated with the 1974 Cyclone Tracy which devastated the city of Darwin and sparked a cultural revolution that is today recognised as the Warmun art movement.

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