lundi 27 septembre 2010

Conference: The Pastoral and Patrick White

Dates: 17-19 October 2010

Venue: Belltrees via Scone (NSW)


Sunday 17 October 2010

1300 (optional) lunch at Wyndham Estate, via Branxton

From 1530 Arrival at Belltrees

1900 Dinner

Monday 18 October 2010

0930 – 1100 Tour of the house – Serena White

Morning Tea

1130 – 1230 Papers

Susan Lever: ‘Noblesse Oblige: Judith Wright and the Literary Heritage of the Squattocracy’

Julian Croft: ‘Patrick White Jackeroo: Some (In)Versions of the Pastoral’

1300 Lunch

Afternoon Free

1900 Dinner

Evening Entertainment TBA

Tuesday 19 October 2010

0930- 1030 Paper

John Merrit, 'William Edward Abbott, Henry Luke White and the Upper Hunter Rabbits'.

Morning Tea

1100-1230 Papers

Patricia Holt, ‘Norman Lindsay and the Pastoral’

Elizabeth Webby, 'Patrick White Playwright - the Evidence of the Archive'

1300 Lunch

1430 Depart

Program enquiries to Julian Croft:

There is room for a few more people at this conference, so if you are interested in coming, please complete the form below and pay your deposit as soon as possible.

Belltrees ASAL Conference Registration Form: 17th -19th October, 2010

Name/s (if a couple please register both names on this form):


Email: Phone/s:

Deposit fee and registration: $285 per person

The total for registration, accommodation, meals and the venue is $550 per person, the remainder to be paid to Belltrees at the time of the conference.

Cheque / Money Order Please make cheques or money orders payable to ASAL.

Credit Card Please process your payment through the ASAL website:

Please send your completed Registration Form (and cheques) to:

Susan Lever,

76/20 Eve St.


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