mardi 10 août 2010

Modern Australian Paintings: opens 12 August 2010

William Dobell 1899 - 1970 The Drink Waiter c1960 Oil on soft board 36.8 x 24.5 cm

Sidney Nolan
William Dobell
Roger Kemp
Francis Lymburner
Charles Blackman
Eric L. Stewart
Clifford Bayliss
Danila Vassilieff
Godfrey Miller
Colin Colahan
Betty Churcher
Colin Lanceley
Eric Thake
Horace Brodzky
James Cant
Rick Amor
Andrew Sibley
John Wolesley
Sybil Craig
Loudon Sainthill
Elaine Haxton
George Lawrence
Lawrence Daws
Judy Cassab
Alfred H. Cook
S. Woodward-Smith
Rachel Roxburgh

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Bridget McDonnell Gallery

130 Faraday St Carlton VIC 3053 AUSTRALIA ph 03 9347 1700 email the gallery

gallery hours • Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 pm, Sunday 12 - 5 pm during exhibition

exhibition current until 3 September 2010

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