mardi 10 août 2010

Call for papers : NEW SCHOLAR

Call for Papers—Inaugural issue of New Scholar: An International Journal of the Humanities, Creative Arts and Social Sciences.

New Scholar is a peer-reviewed online journal of emerging scholarship and intellectual practice from the humanities, creative arts and social sciences. Based in Australia, but with international scope, the journal has a particular focus on new scholarship: work by ‘early career researchers’ as well as innovative or even radical interventions from more established scholars. New Scholar encourages original approaches to disciplinary methodologies, as well as interdisciplinary scholarship and the breaking down of traditional disciplinary boundaries. New Scholar also encourages creative scholarly works. The journal aims to facilitate scholarly exchange and the strengthening of international research communities.

The editors of New Scholar invite submissions for the inaugural issue, the theme of which is ‘New Scholarship?’ The question mark after the phrase ‘New Scholarship’ signals the central problematic of the issue: what counts as ‘new scholarship,’ who gets to say so and on what basis? This issue will examine claims for originality within contemporary contexts for intellectual practice. It will provide a space for investigations of the power structures that frame scholarship, the institutionalisation of scholarly authority and the necessarily circumscribed nature of innovation.

Papers addressing the following ideas are particularly encouraged:

(New) scholarship What counts as ‘new scholarship’?
The dialectical positioning of ‘new scholarship’ in relation to ‘old scholarship’
What is the relationship between critical and creative scholarship?
The politics of scholarship
The figure of the scholar Controversy: paradigm shifts, iconoclasm, fringe scholarship and dissent
Scholarship and institutions Disciplinarity, institutionalisation and its discontents
New scholarship in relation to educational institutions as state apparatuses
The role of ‘new scholars’ and ‘new scholarship’ in the contemporary university (economically and/or intellectually)
Scholarship inside and outside of the university Scholarship and institutional imperatives

Discourses and methodologies of scholarship
Critical discourses of 'progress', 'development' and 'evolution' in current scholarship
Shifting values in scholarship
Examinations of the concept/category/act of ‘scholarship’ (historiographic, genealogical, ethnographic, psychoanalytical, discipline-specific, interdisciplinary, empirical, creative, etc) Economies of thought, modes of discourse, intellectual fashions Methodological praxes, disciplinary practices

(Emerging) research and intellectual practices
‘Emerging’ research and ‘emerging’ researchers
‘Early career research’ and ‘Early Career Researchers’
The figure of the intellectual, the ‘public intellectual,’ intellectual movements and coteries Interrogations of newness and novelty in relation to scholarly work or intellectual practices Scholarship and innovation/originality Translating scholarship beyond the page Scholarship and career
Research communities, social contexts and scholarship
Scholarship across cultures/languages Indigenous knowledges and scholarship
Indigenous knowledges in the western academy
Research communities and the scholarship ethic
Intersections between research and creative practice, research and teaching, research and social activism, research and finance; research and community, research and audience, research and the public sphere
Scholarship and material realities Collaborative research across nations and disciplines.

Please submit papers along with an abstract of 200-300 words and short biographical note of less than 100 words by 1 September 2010 to the following address:

Papers must conform to the New Scholar Style Guide (appended below) and must be previously unpublished and not currently under consideration for any other publication. Please consult the Journal Policies (appended below) before submitting work.

Any enquiries about New Scholar may be sent to the Managing Editors, Dr. Bridie McCarthy [] or Dr. Alice Healy [].

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