mercredi 4 août 2010


Jean-Francois Vernay

In Panorama du roman australien (Hermann 2009) Jean-François Vernay reflects on Australian literature on its own terms, rather than as a subsidiary of the Anglophone subset of world literature. Separating Australian fiction from its British beginnings, and tracing its differentiation through the inventive agency of authors as they take steps of their own according to inward and outward necessity—through migration, dispossession, marginalisation, experience without precedent, political commitment, and a determination to be heard, to be published, to gain recognition and reward—Jean-François' reflection is a decolonising project that brings a vitalising perspective to Australian literary studies. Jean-François is a resident of New Caledonia, a multicultural community which shares some of the characteristics of its mainland neighbour, including a convict heritage and a complex history of settlement. Jean-François is sensitive to recurrent themes in Australian literature including quest, conquest, isolation, the alien land and Australia as prison and paradise.

I'll be on a few panels to discuss literature :

Thursday, 2 September 2010
12:30 PMÁ la Françaiseslq Auditorium 2More InfoFree

Nicolas Dickner, Jean-François Vernay

Universal Writing
Saturday, 4 September 2010
1:30 PMObsessionThe EdgeMore InfoFree

Elif Batuman, Jean-François Vernay

Sunday, 5 September 2010
4:00 PMDown and Dirty with Australian Writingslq Auditorium 2More InfoFree

Peter Goldsworthy, Carmel Bird, Sue Woolfe


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