samedi 1 mai 2010

'A Scholarly Affair': Cultural Studies Association of Australasia National Conference

... hosted by Southern Cross University
Venue: Byron Bay Community and Cultural Centre

7-9 December 2010

This conference focuses on the contribution that Cultural Studies makes as an interdisciplinary space for reflexive, critical and empirically based research to the project of higher education, pedagogy and social justice. Susan Giroux and Norman Denzin have recently argued that the work of the scholar is to subject structures of power, knowledge, and practice to critical scrutiny, what Paul Gilroy has referred to as principled exposure. In contrast, it is salient to recall Toni Morrison's view that 'racism is a scholarly affair.' This inherent tension about what a scholar does - and what is expected of/from them - goes to the heart and relevance of Cultural Studies scholarship. Given the present instrumentalised and corporate university environment with its dominant values of standardisation and emphasis on an audit-based culture - there is a compelling and urgent need to re-imagine the space/place of the contemporary scholar and their role in society. In the age of Obama and Rudd, Cultural Studies, as a discipline that uniquely responds to the pull of the relevant, the imperatives of socially inclusive practices and communities of engagement, needs, as Catherine Burnheim puts it, to go 'beyond corporatism into the wilds of the knowledge economy.'

Featured Speakers:

Vinay Lal, UCLA and University of Delhi
Gerard Goggin, University of New South Wales
Raewyn Connell, University of Sydney
Melissa Lucashenko, author
Catherine Manathunga, University of Queensland
Deborah Bird-Rose, Macquarie University
Trevor Gale, University of South Australia
Katrina Schlunke, University of Technology, Sydney

Some of the key issues and themes to be considered:

* new qualities of scholarly enquiry
* cultural studies scholarship in the 21st century
* discovering and sustaining ethical cultural space in higher education
* innovative relationships between scholar and community
* sustaining healthy, creative and principled scholarship
* cultural studies as ethical foundation
* relevance scholarship (such as ecocultural studies)
* pedagogy as an affair to remember
* negotiating the audit-based culture
* scholarship on the margins
* scholarship and diversity
* narrating communities and cultures
* disciplining innovations: TEQSA and ERA
* scholarship and its relationship to discovery
* new media, digital communication and the borderlands of scholarship
* responding to an ethics of scholarship
* socially and culturally inclusive practices
* research/writing as 'ethical intervention'
* engaging with indigenous and majority-world scholarship
* creative and critical knowledge production
* value of non-corporate scholarship

Dr Baden Offord I Associate Professor in Cultural Studies
Co-Director, Centre for Peace and Social Justice

Southern Cross University, PO Box 157 Lismore 2480, Australia
T:: + 61 2 66203 162 I F:: + 61 2 66 221 683

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