dimanche 23 mai 2010

Call for papers : Southerly, the Romance Issue

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Study by Charles Billich.
Dear Australianists,

Liz Mcmahon is currently putting together an issue of Southerly.

Southerly: the Romance Issue

This issue will revisit the accepted understanding of Australian Literature’s failure to write erotic love and romance. This theme will allow the issue to modulate in mood, genre and register as it examines various understandings of Australian romance and their respective erotic economies, including but not limited to:

1. Popular romance writing
2. The high idealism of chivalric romance
3. Queer romance
4. Anti-romance and dirty realism
5. Love, sex and politics
6. Erotics and the limits of writing

If anyone wants to submit essays on this theme, please email Southerly co-Editor

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