mercredi 7 avril 2010

Creative Writing and its Contexts: A Symposium for Dennis Haskell

Hosted by the Westerly Centre and the Association for the Study of Australian Literature

17-18 February, 2011, University of Western Australia

Creative Writing and its Contexts is a symposium convened by the Westerly Centre and ASAL to honour the many-sided achievement of Dennis Haskell, poet, editor, teacher, scholar and administrator. Dennis’s work has been directed to the promotion of literature in the university and schools, in a variety of public fora and media, in Australia and beyond. Creative Writing and its Contexts is therefore conceived as an opportunity to discuss the place of literature in contemporary culture, the institutions that support creative writing and reading, the relationships between Australian literature and other national literatures, particularly in Asia. The organisers hope that Creative Writing and its Contexts will be an occasion of lively debate, creative energy and humour. For this reason proposals for contributions in a variety of forms are encouraged, including papers, poems, and memoirs.

Contributions are sought on any of the areas in which Dennis Haskell has worked, including

· Creative writing and the study of literature
· Australian and Asian literary interactions
· The role of institutional support for writers and writing
· Literary and scholarly publishing
· The place of the humanities in the modern university
· The writing and reading of poetry
· Teaching creative writing

The symposium will begin on the evening of Thursday 17 February with a special event.

Anyone interested in attending or being involved should contact Philip Mead ( or Delys Bird ( by email by 1 June 2010.

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