lundi 29 mars 2010

Conference: Double Vision

Double Vision: Biennial Australian Studies Conference

An international interdisciplinary conference organised by the International Australian Studies Association

25-26 November 2010

The University of Sydney

Call For Papers
Since the 2008 InASA conference took place the Copenhagen climate change conference has sharpened discussion about the environment; the election of a new American president has shifted the international political landscape; an earthquake in Chile has resonated both physically and emotionally in Australia; the federal government has released new policies that re-orient Australian history education and the health system and has continued the Northern Territory intervention; the AFL and A-League have released details of their western Sydney teams and more gold has been won in the Olympics. In the face of continuing change our 2010 conference again seeks papers from scholars re-envisioning ‘Australia’.
Double Vision is an interdisciplinary conference, so it seeks to bring together scholars from across the humanities and social sciences whose research focuses on Australia to discuss the ideas, theories, themes and methodologies that animate their work. It is this breadth of perspectives that we believe will be part of the excitement of the conference.

Though ‘Australia’ is the focus the organisers are interested in imaginative takes on the object of study. They especially welcome work that explores: Australia in its region but also work on regional Australia; comparative work on Australia; research that locates Australia in a global vision; and projects on Australia’s past, present and future. Other themes for papers might include, but are not confined to:

*Environment and Change
*Australia and/in the Pacific Rim
*Popular cultures
*Memory and Memorial
*Indigenising Knowledge
* New histories, old histories and curricula
*Re-orienting the Social

The conference is designed for postgraduates, early career researchers and senior researchers to present new and innovative work.

Abstracts Due: Friday June 4, 2010
Notification of Acceptance: Friday June 18, 2010

Please include: paper title, 200 word abstract, full name and contact details.

Send to:

Conference Organisers:
Catriona Elder and Ariadne Vromen
University of Sydney

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