mardi 16 mars 2010

Call for chapter submissions: Reading Across the Pacific

Reading Across the Pacific was a delightful conference with a lot of fascinating talks and relaxing moments like this dinner we had at a nearby restaurant. More pics are to be found on the conference website:

I really enjoyed meeting my colleagues in the field for the first (it's nice to be able to put a face on a name) or for the umpteenth time (any occasion is good to meet again and have a good chat and chew).
Robert Dixon (left) and Nic Birns (right) are calling for chapter submissions so you'd better be quick as they expect to have them in by March 31st.
Details are to be found below.
Regards, JF

Reading Across the Pacific: United States-Australian Intellectual Histories
Edited by Nicholas Birns and Robert Dixon

Call for chapter submissions

Thank you for presenting a paper at the Reading Across the Pacific conference at the University of Sydney on 14-15 February. The conference was a great success in many ways, and we thank all delegates for their intellectual generosity and collegiality.

We have now written up a formal publication proposal and are in the process of submitting it to a series of possible publishers in the US and UK. Our hope is to have a final manuscript, including front matter, introduction, chapters and index, ready for delivery to the publisher by August 2010.

We are therefore seeking from you the submission of your conference paper for publication as a chapter in the book. Chapters will be divided into five groups:

• Trans-Pacific: National Literatures and Transnationalism
• Poetry and Poetics
• Literature and Popular Culture
• The Cold War
• Publishing History and Trans-Pacific Print Cultures

We hope to include as many of the submissions as is consistent with these themes and the final word length, yet to be negotiated with the publisher. We invite you to take this opportunity to edit and perhaps expand your material within the word limit of 3-5000 words. The entire manuscript will need to be copy edited, but you can assist us at this stage by using endnotes and adopting the MLA style.

As we want to move quickly to ensure timely publication, we ask you to submit your chapter as a Word document attached to email by 31 March 2010.

Nicholas Birns and Robert Dixon

Please send chapters as word documents to:

Professor Robert Dixon, FAHA
Professor of Australian Literature
English Department
Rm N404 John Woolley Building A20
University of Sydney
Sydney 2006

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