samedi 19 septembre 2009

Prix littéraire: NSW Premier’s Prize for Literary Scholarship

NSW Premier’s Prize for Literary Scholarship

Nominations are now open for:

The 2010 New South Wales Premier's Prize for Literary Scholarship
The biennial New South Wales Premier's Prize for Literary Scholarship ($30,000) is made to an outstanding book, CD ROM or DVD which presents an original and convincing perspective on one or more published works of acknowledged excellence and historical renown from any language, literary or cultural tradition.

To be eligible, the nominated work must be written by a living Australian scholar and it must focus primarily on analyzing, understanding, and rendering literary texts accessible to a contemporary readership. Annotated re-editions of texts may be considered if they can be shown to be the result of intense literary scholarship and if they present the original texts in a new light.

Although the intention of this prize is to acknowledge individual excellence in literary scholarship and presentation, works which present the combined work of up to three scholars may be nominated.

Comparative literary studies, biographical works on authors and their times, and works of cultural analysis should be entered for the Douglas Stewart Prize. Bibliographies, indexes and non-interpretive works are not eligible.

Works first published or produced over the two year period 3 November 2007 and 2 October 2009 may be entered for this prize. They should be publicly available at the time of nomination.

Entries in ebook, CD ROM and DVD format should be accompanied by four bound copies of the printed text for assessment purposes.

· Closing date for receipt of nominations by Arts NSW 5pm, Friday 16 October 2009. Forms and Guidelines available from and

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