jeudi 20 août 2009

Parution: Etchings 7 Chameleons

ETCHINGS 7, Chameleons


Vient de paraître à Melbourne le septième numéro de Etchings, une revue littéraire et artistique très originale, dont la qualité esthétique fait sans doute des envieux.
Dans un article intitulé "Couched Words: The Interimplication of Fiction and Psychoanalysis"(Etchings 7, Melbourne, 2009,153-62),j'analyse les rapports féconds entre la psychanalyse et la littérature. Bonne lecture!

Voici le contenu de la revue/ Here is the table of contents:

Colourful, playful, and particularly creative, the Chameleons issue abounds with ideas of change,
disguise, double identities, and purely ephemeral moments of beauty.
Jean-François Vernay probes the complex relationship between fiction and psychoanalysis. Theresa
Mason invokes startling imagery with her creative non-fiction personification of the Australian
Gabriel Garcia’s fictional viewer takes us on a retrospective journey through ‘The Water Hole’
exhibition of Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger, held at the Australian Contemporary
Centre for the Arts in Melbourne earlier this year. Inga Walton invites Melbourne-based Thai artist
Bundit Puangthong to speak about the cultural fusion in his artwork which features the bright
colours and iconography of traditional Thai paintings. Pattern and narrative are explored in Douglas
Kirwan’s intricate paintings which stir ‘an optical whirlpool that obstructs the isolation of a single
shape’ (Claudia Terstappen).
The strength of the fiction abounds throughout Chameleons, including a preview from Nobel laureate
J.M. Coetzee, offering a pre-release glimpse into his fictional biographical new novel, Summertime, to
be published in the UK later this year. Sallie Muirden creates a vivid and eccentric female character
who has a sheep as a companion. Heather Fowler shows us familiar human traits, emotions, and
attitudes through characters with wings, and others with eyes on their backs. And a beautiful moment
between two old ladies sharing their memories in a story titled ‘Ducks’ by A. S. Patric.
The poetry in this issue ranges from short intense and quirky pieces to longer reflective and thought
provoking works, all creating a mysterious, haunting, delightful play on the theme of Chameleons.

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